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Digital Transformation Expert Tips

What is one thing that no one talks about in digital transformation, but you know as an expert in your industry is very important?

Eleven leading experts from around the world share their exclusive tips and insights to highlight the most important aspects of digital transformation. They cover cultural change, new business models, emerging technologies, and data management.

In today’s world, Digital transformation is not just about technology but a complete overhaul of your organization’s culture, processes, and mindset.

This “Digital Transformation Expert Tips” eBook helps you understand the critical factors that drive successful digital transformation.

Discover takeaways about a customer-centric approach, building a solid digital strategy, and leveraging emerging technologies to create a competitive advantage.

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"Forty-seven percent of CEOs are being challenged by the board of directors to make progress in digital business, and 56 percent said that their digital improvements have already improved profits[...] Half of CEOs Have No Digital Success Metric."

– Gartner Survey
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