Meet Apty, Formerly letzNav

letzNav is now Apty!

We are proud and excited to share that apart from a new name, we have a new brand identity as well. Though this seems like a big change, our commitment to our core beliefs, values, and philosophies remain the same. We’re changing our name to reflect our expanded efforts to help you optimize your software application utilization. 

When we started letzNav, our primary focus was digital engagement –  helping users navigate applications to complete their tasks. A few years later, we realize in-app guidance is only a small part of how we can help our clients succeed.

letzNav answered the “how” in how do you get people to actually use an application effortlessly. With the launch of Apty, we’ll be adding new features designed to help you answer who needs help, what the top problems are, and provide a suggested roadmap of how to solve them. 

Here are just a few of the exciting improvements coming your way:

Smart In-app Guidance

The on-screen guidance at the core of letzNav will continue to evolve under Apty. There will be no changes to the digital engagement tools you already know and love. The new features we’re adding will provide key insights on when and where you can deploy workflows and support content to increase your productivity.

Advanced Insights

We’re taking everything we’ve learned helping thousands of users navigate the most common enterprise applications and building a powerful AI engine that can analyze your user data and provides actionable insights so you can improve efficiency at an unprecedented scale.

Spend Optimization

Apty’s advanced tracking measures utilization of software, not just the number of logins, but actual usage based on your use case models. You’ll be able to leverage this data to redistribute and reduce unused licenses while also reducing support and training costs.


Automate mundane tasks with the help of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency and speed up productivity.

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