How to Drive Successful Process Adoption Across Software Platforms

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In this session, our speakers discuss how Apty can help enterprises drive successful process adoption by:

How do you enforce process compliance for a global workforce that requires multiple applications to complete a single process?

Enforcing process compliance for a globally disparate workforce can be challenging. According to Productiv data, the average enterprise has around 364 SaaS apps. The tutorials and guidance benefits within each enterprise software stop once you leave that platform, whether or not the business process is complete. That’s a lot of back and forth without the assurance of process compliance or guidance for employees to execute those processes correctly.

Join our adoption experts on June 20th as they share a proven example of how a leading healthcare provider manages process compliance across applications.

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Steve Clark

Partner Account Executive

Bram van der Plas

Business Development Manager

Jan-peter Meus

Application Manager North-west Europe
IVC Evidensia

Apty is a digital adoption platform that goes beyond onscreen guidance to help enterprises optimize their business process adoption. We focus on changing a user's behavior with your software to improve data integrity, employee productivity, and software ROI that drives true process adoption.

Dyanix, Apty's EMEA partner, provides innovative digital transformation solutions for productivity, process optimization, and data analysis through advanced software, hardware, and cloud services.