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Looking for a digital adoption solution? You should consider Apty as an alternative to WalkMe. Apty is easy to customize, quick to launch and ideal for helping you get more out of your software. 

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Guided Workflows

Turn even the most complicated tasks into a self-guided wizard. Apty's On-screen guidance reduces support and training costs. 


Data Validations

Apty solves data quality issues by enforcing your company’s business rules on one or more fields. Apty’s validations prompt users to fix errors in real-time as they’re working in your application.


Code-Free Editor

Every element of Apty can be easily and quickly managed by you. Customize Apty to fit your unique needs – even when they continue to change as your business grows.


Instant Documentation 

Turn any workflow into a downloadable PDF with step-by-step instructions and screengrabs.


Analytics and Insights

See how users are interacting with your application and what their biggest hangups are. Apty also provides recommendations for reducing your software costs



Apty’s easy-to-use interface allows you to add automation to your software without investing in custom development. 



You’ve invested a lot in your enterprise software from licensing to implementation and training, but you’re still not seeing the ROI you expected.

We help you get more out of your software by making applications easier to use and improving your team’s efficiency. Our tools identify the problems users have with software and solve these challenges through on-screen help or automation.

Apty’s simple tools works with any web-based application.

It used to take 60 to 100 days for a project to get through the process. Now, we’re down to 25. Apty increased our speed, quality and accuracy.”

PMO Manager

Major U.S. Airline

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