User Onboarding Software Built to
Increase Adoption

Apty User Onboarding Software helps convert your free trial users into paid and loyal customers. Wow users with intuitive walkthroughs and drive them to the 'Aha moment' by showing them the real value of your SaaS product.

Why Apty is the Best User Onboarding Software?

How Apty Can Help

Our User Onboarding Software helps boost activation, eases the burden of onboarding by helping new users quickly master your software. With Apty’s guidance, new users can start using the application with no additional training.

Guaranteed With Apty

  • Reduce training and support costs
  • Convert more free trials to paid users
  • Boost feature and user adoption
  • Improve User Onboarding experience

Improve your User Onboarding Process with Half the Effort

Build Engaging Onboarding Flows

Build Engaging Onboarding Flows

Apty makes User Onboarding easier and more engaging, making new users more likely to fully participate and finish the flow.


Accelerate Feature & User Adoption

Users quickly forget what they learn in training sessions. Apty helps new users learn and master your software faster.

Slash Training & Onboarding Costs

Slash Training & Onboarding Costs

Individual training and onboarding sessions for every user is expensive. Apty delivers better results at a fraction of that cost.

How In-App User Onboarding Works With Apty

Enhance your Product’s In-app User Onboarding

Put users at ease from day one with Guided Tours, Onscreen Guidance & Walkthroughs built to deliver Value

Track, Measure & Improve Onboarding Experience

Get actionable insights from our Reports and Analytics to learn user behavior and provide timely & relevant guidance

Empower users to fully adopt your Product

Create impactful product tours to help your users independently explore & learn how to use your product

Make your Product drive your Business Growth

Make your product your growth engine and increase adoption rates and convert more free trial users to customers

Personalize Onboarding experiences with segmentation

No two users are alike. Understand where your users struggle the most & provide customized help content

How In-App User Onboarding Works With Apty

The Complete DAP for User Onboarding

Quickly create and update your onboarding content

Create and publish custom User Onboarding flows and product tours in a matter of minutes with Apty’s code-free Editor.

Communicate with your users from within the app

Remind users to finish their onboarding and solicit feedback directly inside your software with in-app announcements.

Create custom onboarding flows for new users

Deliver different onboarding flows depending on which features new users will utilize most with audience segmentation.

Improve User engagement with Data-driven insights

Understand user challenges better with analytics. Use data to offer them relevant solutions and improve user engagement and experience.

User Onboarding Software Features

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Content Creation
  • Contextual Guidance
  • Data Validations
  • In-App Training
  • Launch Management
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Self Service Tools
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Announcements
  • User Onboarding





In User Engagement and Customer Retention



Adoption of Features and Product



In manhours spent on Support Ticket Resolution

FAQs - User Onboarding

1. What is User Onboarding?

User Onboarding is the step-by-step process of helping users of a software to interact with and become proficient in using it to its fullest capacity. create loyal and delighted customers.

2. What does a User Onboarding Software do?

A User Onboarding software helps SaaS providers to create powerful onboarding flows with the help of product tours. These tours handhold users at every step, enabling them to discover, engage with and eventually adopt the software completely independently.

3. Why is User Onboarding important?

In the SaaS industry, a great User Onboarding process could be the difference between free trial users and paying customers. Onboarding new users allows you to give them a guided tour of your product’s capabilities, helping them see the value they can derive from your product.

4. How can I improve the User Onboarding of my SaaS product?

A simple and effective way to improve the User Onboarding of your SaaS product is to invest in a User Onboarding tool. It helps you with which you can enable your users get started with using your software in no time at all!

5. What features should I look for in a User Onboarding software?

Audience Segmentation, Content Creation, Contextual Guidance, Data Validations, In-App Training, Launch Management, Reporting/Analytics, Self Service Tools, Surveys & Feedback, Announcements, Tooltips, Centralized Knowledge Center, etc.

6. What are the benefits of a User Onboarding software?

Here are some of the biggest benefits you will enjoy, by investing in a User Onboarding software are Increased conversion from free trial to paid customers, Improved product onboarding experience, Minimal Training & Support costs, , a world-class Product experience and an impeccable user engagement.

7. Can I increase my SaaS product’s adoption rates with better onboarding?

Absolutely. A great User Onboarding will definitely help improve adoption. In fact, Apty is one of the very few that caters to SaaS products and their User Onboarding challenges. With Apty you can see up to 3x faster User Onboarding and product adoption.

8. How do I get started with a User Onboarding software?

It doesn’t get simpler than Apty. and jump start your journey towards a faster and better User Onboarding.

9. Which is the best User Onboarding Software for SaaS?

There are multiple onboarding software in the market like Appcues, Userlane, Userpilot, Walkme, etc. But not all of them cater to the SaaS industry the way Apty does. Apty’s SaaS Growth Catalyst is a suite designed to meet your exact business needs.

10. Is Apty a free User Onboarding software?

You can get access to Apty’s User Onboarding tool for free by signing up for a Free Trial.



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