Software Walkthrough Tool Built to Boost

Apty’s custom, step-by-step Software Walkthroughs are designed to drive your users to their 'Aha moment’. Handhold your users from ‘Free Trial Users’ to ‘Loyal, Paying Customers’ with Interactive Walkthroughs.

Why Apty is the Best Software Walkthrough Solution?

How Apty Can Help

Software Walkthroughs guide users on how to use any software product by showing them step by step what to do and where to click. Apty’s Onscreen guidance acts like an interactive user guide that helps users adopt your product better and faster.

Guaranteed With Apty

  • Higher ‘Free-Trial User to Paid Customer’ Conversion
  • Improve Product & Feature Adoption
  • Reduced Customer Churn
  • Improved User Engagement

Software Walkthroughs that Drive Revenue

Demonstrate Value to Users

Demonstrate Value to Users

Onscreen guidance makes your software product or application easier to use, enabling users to make the most out of your software. App walkthroughs help users discover the true value of your application.

Promote Product Utilization

Promote Product Utilization

The higher the usage of your software, the higher the chances of a subscription renewal. Apty’s software walkthroughs help create user journeys to quickly take people from novice to super users.

Delight Your Customers

Delight your Customers

A good user onboarding experience is the stepping stone to a loyal customer. Apty’s product walkthroughs help deliver a delightful user onboarding by helping them discover & learn your software.

How Software Walkthrough Works With Apty

Transform your User Onboarding

Get users to fall in love with your product from day one with Interactive Walkthroughs, Guided Tours & Onscreen Guidance, built to deliver Value

Customize Onboarding experiences

Every user’s journey is unique. Understand where your users struggle the most & provide customized help content, with segmentation

Trust Data to Improve Product Adoption

Apty’s detailed Reports and Analytics will help you understand user behavior better so you can provide timely & relevant guidance

Enable users to fully adopt your Product

Simple, Effective Product tours with Apty encourage your users to independently explore, learn and utilize your product to its full potential

Realize your “Product- led Growth’ Dreams

Let your product become your business growth engine, with Apty’s interactive walkthroughs that convert more free trial users to customers


The Complete DAP for Step-by-Step, Software Walkthrough

Create and Update Software Walkthroughs

Designing Interactive Walkthroughs does not get easier than this! Apty’s code-free editor lets you create and publish Custom walkthroughs in a matter of minutes.

Connect with your users from within the App

User Engagement requires that you connect with your users every now & then. Apty helps you send in-app notifications to improve engagement & experience.

Promote your product’s new features

Introduce new products or features and upsell opportunities to your users from within the app, while they are using it, with Apty’s in-app announcements.


Not all users will utilize every feature or process. You can deploy customized walkthroughs based on user type to deliver the most relevant and helpful content.

Software Walkthrough Features

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Content Creation
  • Contextual Guidance
  • Data Validations
  • In-App Training
  • Launch Management
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Self Service Tools
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Announcements
  • User Onboarding





In User Engagement and Customer Retention



Adoption of Features and Product



In manhours spent on Support Ticket Resolution

FAQs - Software Walkthroughs

1. What is software walkthrough?

A Software Walkthrough is a sequential, often interactive, guide that helps users of a software product to take a specific action or perform a specific task, with the aim of teaching them how to use it. When used effectively, walkthroughs can train users faster & better than traditional training methods.

2. What is a walkthrough software or walkthrough tool?

, is a tool that helps you quickly , minus the coding & the programming that is otherwise needed.

3. What is the purpose of a walkthrough?

The purpose of a walkthrough is to demonstrate to your users the scope of your software in a simple, step-by-step manner, to help them get started with using it in as little time as possible. It helps improve activation, adoption, retention and more!

4. Is Apty a Free walkthrough software?

Apty’s SaaS Growth Catalyst is tailor-made to empower SaaS companies to improve their product adoption. You can access a free version of Apty, to see it in action.

5. Is a product tour software the same as a website walkthrough software?

Yes. A walkthrough software like Apty can help you design interactive walkthroughs and tours for any web-based applications or websites.



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