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Why you need a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday


Workday has more than 55 million users in its system; it serves some of the largest enterprises in...

Top 10 ERP Software for organizations in 2022


One of the most crucial things you can do before starting an ERP implementation is to choose the...

The Digital Adoption Problem: Why Your Technology Investments may not deliver the Productivity Gain

Digital Adoption

Productivity is significant because it represents how much more efficiently a society can convert...

CRM Implementation Strategy: The Role of a Digital Adoption Platform


Your customer relationship is essential to the business's survival in any organization. However,...

Top 10 CRM software for high productivity in 2022


Customer acquisition and retention are essential functions of every business. Customers are the...

5 Steps for a Successful HCM Implementation


Human Capital Management (HCM) systems help organizations manage employee data in various ways. The...

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Employee training develops the human capital needed to meet competitive challenges. Get a solid background in the fundamentals of employee training.

A DAP does much more than just walkthroughs & tooltips. Learn the basics of Digital Adoption & all the benefits you can reap from Apty DAP, in this guide.

Understand challenges, how to solve them, best practices, and KPIs to measure the success of your Salesforce Implementation.

11 of the industry's biggest players give us their opinion on a fundamental question about Digital Transformation. Exclusive content couldn't get better.


Transform your Employee Onboarding Experience with this comprehensive guide which lists out the benefits, some best practices & more.

Workday Implementation Challenges, Solutions, Best Practices, and Tips on how you can maximize your RoI, it's all in here - we have you covered!

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