Productive Remote Training and Onboarding

Apty helps quickly onboard new remote employees while continuing to train and support your growing remote workforce.

High-Impact, Seamless Remote Employee Onboarding & Training

How Apty Can Help

Remote employees need to get up-to-speed quickly. They do not have time to watch video tutorials or pour over manuals and FAQ pages. Apty’s on-screen guidance allows you to deliver engaging and effective virtual training to remote users. With Apty, new employees can start using the software on their first day, with no additional training.

Guaranteed With Apty

  • Provide real-time support to employees - anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce employee training costs by up to 60%
  • Improve employee knowledge retention
  • Accelerate your remote employee onboarding

Onboard Remote Employees Twice as Fast

Create an Engaging Onboarding Experience

Enhance Onboarding Experience

Companies with engaging onboarding retain 91% of first-year workers, with 2x more employee productive than those with no onboarding. Apty’s self-guided onboarding checklists help engage remote employees for better results.

Support Remote Employees On Their Schedul

24/7 User

With Apty, remote workers do not have to worry about scheduling a screen-share call with tech support several time zones away. With on-demand on-screen guidance, users can fix their issues in real-time, whenever they need to.

Track Training and  Onboarding Completion

Track Remote Onboarding Progress

Apty’s onboarding checklists make sure every employee completes the onboarding process and gets the training they need, to do their job. Use on-screen announcements to remind remote employees to complete their training.

The Complete DAP for Modern Businesses


Communicate directly inside your business software while remote workers are using the application with on-screen announcements, tailored to their time zone or location.


Apty’s advanced tracking tools help you identify where remote employees are struggling so you can build new support and training content to overcome those challenges.


Apty enables you to customize your employee training by role, location, or any other custom segments so your employees receive more relevant and contextual training.


Apty makes building and maintaining employee training materials easy. Workflows can be exported as a PPT, PDF, webpage, or as a SCORM object to use in your LMS.