Optimize Your Oracle HCM Cloud Experience

Get the most out of your Oracle Investment

Your HCM system is an essential part of your employee experience - from recruiting to benefits and paystubs. The goal of Oracle HCM is to streamline how you engage and manage your global workforce. However, without effective software adoption, you won’t see any benefits.


Make your Oracle HCM adoption a success. Apty solves the of the most pressing problems with Oracle adoption by making it easier for your employees to effectively use Oracle HCM.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Features for Oracle HCM

Apty improves your efficiency and reduces your training and support costs by making Oracle HCM Cloud easier to use.


Apty equips managers and users alike to easily navigate through Oracle quickly, effectively, and flawlessly. 


Apty analytics help you identify who needs help and where they’re struggling so you can solve your top adoption challenges.


Apty’s validations prompt users to fix errors in real-time so you ensure compliance with your processes and data hygiene practices.


Apty eliminates any steep learning curves with on-screen guidance and intelligent prompts. Spend less time and money training users.

Benefits of Using Apty with Oracle HCM

Apty helps you use Oracle HCM to better organize and engage your global workforce.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

Real-time navigation and guidance empower users to get more done in less time. Apty’s self-guided walkthroughs can cut the time it takes to complete a task in half.

Decreased Training Costs

Decreased Training Costs

With Apty, users learn while they’re working with the program, eliminating the need for costly Oracle HCM Cloud classroom training sessions.

Better Compliance

Better Process Compliance

Apty’s data validations and process analytics help you track, measure and increase business process and regulatory compliance.