How Apty is different from Whatfix?

Analyze Usage

Analyze Usage

See Where Users Are Struggling

Other Digital Adoption Solutions generally allows organizations to create walkthroughs without identifying the real issue. Apty helps you determine the actual problem by first analyzing the exact steps or screens where employees are struggling while using any application and then suggest workflows to eliminate these issues.

Help Users

Help Users

On-Screen Guidance

With Apty, you can deploy help at the user’s exact moment of need - when they’re using the software. Our on-screen guidance shows users how to complete a task or prompt them to correct errors. Apty Digital Adoption Platform eliminates user confusion and frustration - whether it’s a new hire or an existing one.

Automate Tasks

Automate Tasks

Save Time And Money

Repetitive or mundane tasks also create pain points for employees. Remove the burden of completing these tasks with the help of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). Apty Digital Adoption Solution leverages chatbots to help people automate their routine work without even having to open your software.

Features That Ensure Improved Software ROI

Workflows simplify application navigation by providing on-screen guidance elements right at the moment when users need a helping hand to complete a specific task.

Tooltips provide contextual information on the application to assist and inform the end users. Users just need to hover over the Tooltip icon to see the "tip".

Announcements are the custom pop-ups designed to announce any new feature, version release or to provide information to the End Users.

Validations represent a comprehensive set of rules for checking the data that end users provide when filling out the input fields.

Apty Insights includes a suite of tools that analyze end user bahavior and helps understand where the actual hangups are in using the application.

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