Maximize Your LivePerson ROI

Adopt LivePerson Quickly, Easily and Effectively

Apty helps you integrate LivePerson into your business model and functions; onboarding team members, training users, and helping with real-time, intelligent prompts that keep your staff motivated and informed. 


One of the main challenges with LivePerson is the wide variety of requests any agent may face. Processes and approvals may vary depending on the platform, business unit or urgency. Apty helps your team master your processes and the software so they can resolve issues faster.


Features of LivePerson

Apty makes the software easier to use and provides actionable insights on how to improve your efficiency and reduce your LivePerson training and support costs.


Apty analytics allow you to identify where the hang-ups are in using & adopting LivePerson and how to help your workforce overcome their challenges with the system.


Agents using LivePerson get a variety of requests. Processes and approvals vary based on the platform, BU or urgency. Eliminate any confusion with Apty's self-guided wizards.


Apty quickly onboards new employees to LivePerson Software. With Apty’s guidance, a new employee can start using LivePerson on their first day - with no additional training.


Apty solves data quality issues by enforcing your company’s business rules on any field. Apty’s validations prompt users to fix errors in real-time as they’re working.

Benefits of Using Apty with LivePerson

Apty helps you realize the full benefits of LivePerson by streamlining routine tasks.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

What used to take hours can be done in minutes with Apty. Guided workflows help users easily navigate LivePerson and on-demand help widget ensures quick and accurate task completion.

Improved Compliance

Improved Compliance

Utilize Apty’s data validations and powerful analytics to ensure business rule and regulatory compliance across the entire organization. Track progress and accuracy to ensure process compliance.

Decreased Training Costs

Decreased Training Costs

Traditional training methods require long hours of training, hiring consultants, support staff, etc. Apty helps users to learn  on the job,  eliminating the need for ineffective LivePerson classroom trainings.