Power Your Agile Framework With LeanKit and Apty

Increased Efficiency for Your Team

Power Your Agile Framework With LeanKit and Apty

Let your team focus on building your product not learning to master LeanKit. Apty reduces stress levels and increases proficiency across all teams.  


Apty saves you time and resources otherwise devoted to managing LeanKit - enabling your people to focus on delivering value at every single step.  


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Apty increases your productivity by optimizing how your team works with enterprise software.


Features for LeanKit

Apty makes LeanKit easier to use and provides actionable insights on how to improve your efficiency and reduce your training and support costs.

Features for LeanKit

Actionable Insights

Use Apty’s state-of-the-art analytics to quickly identify and fix breakdowns in your processes. 

Quicker Onboarding

With Apty’s guidance, a new employee can start using LeanKit on their first day - with no additional training. 

Data Validations

Apty prompts users when their entries don’t conform to your processes or business rules. Validations solve data quality issues so you can trust the data you use to make decisions about your product.  

Step-by-Step Guidance

With step-by-step guidance and intelligent prompting, your managers and users get the power and knowledge to navigate through LeanKit effectively and quickly. 

Benefits of Using Apty with LeanKit

Apty helps you realize the full benefits of LeanKit by streamlining routine tasks. 

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

What used to take hours can be done in minutes with Apty. Guided workflows help employees easily navigate LeanKit and on-demand help and real-time data validations ensure they can complete their tasks quickly and accurately.  

Faster Process Changes

Faster Process Changes

Use Apty to quickly communicate and execute changes without spending the time or money to update your documentation and train people for every change. 


Decreased Training Costs

Apty expedites your team’s learning process. Using step-by-step guidance and intelligent prompting, Apty lowers service, education, and training costs.