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Here's an Ebook to help you identify the challenges while implementing Workday, solutions to those and ways to maximize your Workday ROI

Workday has made its presence felt across all spheres of the management in one way or the other. Technology advancement usually brings many opportunities but with some challenges. 

The period for Workday implementation usually varies from 6 months to 14 months and on average it takes 8.2 months to execute across any  organization.  

Any delay in  implementation  eats  away your  ROI  on  your Workday investment. No one wants to pay for software they’re not using. Avoiding any delays in your Workday adoption makes it easier to see the value in your application. 

If you are planning or in the process of implementing Workday in your organization, this is a must-read Ebook that covers: 
  • Challenges while implementation 
  • Solutions and best practices 
  • Leveraging Digital Adoption Solutions for better ROI