Apty increases your productivity by optimizing how your team works with enterprise software.

Why Choose Apty

Automated Efficiency. Real Savings.

Apty’s full suite of automation, analytical, and guidance tools enables your team to get more done in less time while significantly reducing your software and training costs.

Apty is the ideal solution for onboarding, training, change management and enterprise software optimization. 

Common Use Cases

What Apty Can Do

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Onboarding and Training

With Apty's expert, real-time guidance, your users never waste time or energy leaving the screen, watching time-consuming video tutorials, or pouring over manuals and FAQ pages.

Apty quickly onboards new users and provides ongoing guidance to existing users - eliminating the need for costly and ineffective training programs. 

digital adoption solution
Change Management

Adapting to change is one of the trickiest, and most risky processes any business can experience.

In fact, it can be the thing that makes or breaks a company’s success. Whether you’re a healthcare business digitizing your patient documents, or a financial institution adapting to a new data system; you need smart assistance to facilitate these big and complex changes across your organization.

digital adoption solution
Product Adoption

Whether you’re rolling out Salesforce or ServiceNow, Oracle or Workday, Apty can help you adopt new software 2 to 3 times faster.

Apty's tool quickly onboard and train users while advanced analytics help you track your progress and identify where users need additional support.

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Cost Management

Apty helps you optimize your usage to ensure you’re getting a better ROI. In addition to decreasing support and training costs, Apty's state-of-the-art algorithms can make recommendations on other ways to reduce software costs. 

Apty's tracking measures utilization of software, not just the number of logins but actual usage based on your unique use cases. Apty analyses this data to make recommendations on how you can redistribute or reduce your software licenses.