Top Whatfix Alternatives for Enterprises in 2021


Whatfix alternatives. Whatfix competitors.

Enterprise companies looking for help with software adoption and employee productivity may be familiar with these search phrases.

If you too are reviewing Whatfix as a Digital Adoption Platform, here is the ultimate guide to help you assess some Whatfix alternatives that would work better for your organization.

In this guide, we’ll cover

What Whatfix Alternatives Are Available?

To determine the best Whatfix alternatives, you’ll want to examine user reviews and ratings. As the most used software review site, G2 is a great place to start researching which alternatives could work best for your company.


The Highest-Rated Digital Adoption Platforms are:

  1. Apty
  2. Appcues
  3. Intercom
  4. Whatfix
  5. Pendo

How to Research Whatfix Alternatives

If you’re looking for a Digital Adoption Platform that will increase your productivity, decrease training costs, quickly onboard new employees, and improve your change management, you need to make sure you’re choosing the best possible system.


As you research Whatfix alternatives, make sure you keep these points in mind:

  • Find out which other companies are using the solution system.
  • Read the latest reviews on G2.
  • See if you can sign up for a free trial.
  • Learn about how easily you can create and publish on-screen guidance.
  • Do a side-by-side analysis of implementation timelines.
  • Discover what analytics the vendor offers. Can you follow the modern DAP cycle?

With some time spent researching and asking the right questions, you can find the best Whatfix alternative for your business. No matter what your business size and digital adoption challenges are, Apty can help.

Must-Have Features for Whatfix Alternatives


When you start evaluating the different Whatfix alternatives you’ll want to make sure they have these key enterprise-focused features:

  • Audience Segmentation:- Customizing your on-screen guidance content by role or user group.
  • Multi-language support:- delivering on-screen guidance in multiple languages. If you currently create training content in multiple languages, you know how complex and time-consuming it can be. Test out the process for creating multi-language content and translations in any DAP solution you are considering.
  • Mobile support:- How does on-screen guidance work with mobile websites or mobile applications?
  • Cross-Application Support:- Does the Digital Adoption Platform support processes that span multiple applications? For example, if a user needs to change a record in your CRM and your ERP, will the Whatfix alternative walk them seamlessly through the process in both applications?
  • Automation:- Does the DAP let you automate mundane and repetitive tasks?
  • Advanced Analytics:- The platform needs to give you analytics on how users interact with the host application and your guidance content.

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Whatfix Alternative

Here are the key questions to ask when researching Whatfix alternatives:

  • Ease of use: Is it easy to update on-screen walkthroughs and other support content?
  • Quality of support: Will their support team provide the service you need as a part of your contract or will you end up hiring outside help for implementation?
  • Implementation time: How long do setup times take?
  • Satisfaction: How satisfied are their users?

Why You Should Use Apty

When you evaluate all four criteria above, Apty comes out on top. Apty is ranked the highest for satisfaction on G2 and offers outstanding support, fast implementation, and the easiest way to create content.

Companies that use Apty as an alternative to a Whatfix enjoy many benefits, such as:

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Apty will increase your efficiency, making tasks that used to take hours only take minutes. With Apty’s guided workflows, your users will easily navigate any web-based application. By providing on-demand help and real-time data validations, Apty will help ensure that every user can complete their tasks accurately and efficiently.

Do your users spend lots of time on routine and repetitive tasks? If so, that’s an issue that Apty can help you solve. Apty includes automation so you can decrease the amount of time your users spend on these tasks.

One great way Apty can reduce repetitive actions and increase productivity is through the Apty chatbot function. For example, if you require your sales team to log calls in a CRM like Salesforce, then you’re asking them to open a program, wait for it to load, navigate through it, and input information.

Instead of requiring sales team members to follow all of these steps, they can simply chat with the Apty bot, who will log the call in seconds. Your team member doesn’t even need to open Salesforce! Instead, they can focus their energy on projects and tasks that are valuable and require their unique skillset.

See how easy it is to create on-screen guidance with Apty

Decreased Set-Up and Training Costs

When you invest in new software that uses traditional methods, you also sign up for countless hours of training, hiring consultants, and onboarding additional support staff. Alternatively, Apty’s system allows users to learn as they interact with the program, eliminating the need for ineffective and boring classroom training.

Apty has the ability to export interactive walkthroughs into multiple formats, which decreases training costs. For example, after creating a workflow in Apty, you can export it into these formats:

  • Video
  • Webpage
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF with screenshots
  • SCORM object to use in a learning management system (LMS)

Now, your learning and development team doesn’t need to create content and copy it over in multiple formats. Apty does it for them! This saves the learning and development team countless hours. Our blog post on using the COPE method to create training materials explains how you can use a Whatfix alternative like Apty to make training easier.

Quicker Onboarding with First Day Productivity

When you hire a new employee, you usually have to invest a significant amount of time and energy into the onboarding process. With Apty, the program quickly onboards new employees to enterprise applications. Under Apty’s guidance, new employees can start using the software on their first day with no additional training. Apty’s on-screen guidance and onboarding checklists let them learn at their own pace while they’re doing their jobs. After all, employees learn best by doing.

Improved Change Management

Apty will announce changes inside your application and validations to ensure each entry conforms to your processes. With Apty’s workflows, you can alert people to changes and execute them without investing the time or money to update documentation and lead additional training sessions. Apty’s validations ensure compliance with changes to business rules and processes.

Have you ever had to update your enterprise software and then train your staff on how to use the updated version? This cuts into your time significantly. With Apty, your employees will see on-screen guidance that walks them through the changes. You don’t have to host additional training sessions, and your employees are now familiar with the updated software.

5 Reasons Why Apty is the Best Whatfix Alternative

The modern DAP cycle is one of a few reasons Apty is the fastest growing Digital Adoption Platform. When you measure Whatfix competitors, Apty always comes out on top.


Here are five reasons you should use Apty as a Whatfix alternative.

1. Data-centric Approach

Apty takes a data-centric approach to help measure your overall adoption and be strategic on how you use guidance features to improve utilization. Apty’s advanced tracking and analytics will help you with efficiency in creating just the product walkthroughs that you need. We’ve also added objectives tracking and key results to measure the success of your digital transformation projects.

2. Easier to Update

Whatfix is a powerful tool with many customized features. But with customization comes a degree of difficulty. Apty offers a lot of similar customizations but without difficulty. Apty’s code-free editor is an easy-to-use Whatfix alternative. You can create, publish, and update content quickly. Our editor will save you the time and money of having to pay for additional professional services.

3. Better Performance

Apty loads faster while taking up less memory than Whatfix, according to our own internal testing and client feedback. Apty is a new and modern DAP, built on a new tech stack that allows it to run faster. Load time is important in the evaluation of Whatfix alternatives. Especially if you’re trying to serve users who deal with slow internet.

4. More Reasonable Pricing

Apty delivers value based on a reasonable pricing model. Our pricing model is beneficial to companies of all sizes. Apty’s clients range from small to Fortune 500 companies. But small to medium-sized companies could benefit the most from Apty’s advantages.

5. Apty Follows the Modern DAP Cycle

A major difference between Apty and different Whatflix alternatives is that Apty follows the modern DAP cycle. One of the toughest challenges with Digital Adoption Platforms is deciding which on-screen guidance you need to create. The modern DAP cycle helps you create the content your users need by better understanding them.

Traditional or legacy DAPs have administrators guessing which on-screen guidance to create. Almost all legacy products only provide you with analytics on user interactions with your content creation.

As the leading modern DAP and Whatfix alternative, Apty follows the DAP cycle. This helps you identify the on-screen guidance you need before investing time in creating content. Apty follows this 4-part process.

  1. Setup tracking to follow user interaction with your application
  2. Analyzing usage data to provide actionable insights on how on-screen guidance could help your users
  3. Create and deploy your on-screen guidance
  4. Analyze and optimize your on-screen guidance to better meet your user’s needs.


By following the DAP cycle you’re not wasting time and money on creating on-screen guidance that you don’t need. The Digital Adoption Platform cycle helps quickly identify different hang-ups in your application. After identifying these problems the DAP cycle will help you solve them with on-screen guidance.

Try Apty as a Whatfix Alternative

When it comes to choosing a Whatfix alternative, be sure to do your due diligence and fully understand your options. Investing in software that is a good fit for your employees is critical to improving the ROI of your enterprise software.

To learn more about how Apty compares to Whatfix and how Apty can optimize your product adoption, schedule a demo today.

See how Apty compares to Whatfix

FAQs on Whatfix Alternatives

We’re frequently asked about which Whatfix alternative could work best for an organization. Here are the answers to the most common inquiries:

1. Which Whatfix alternative is best for small businesses?

Apty works with organizations of any size. Apty is user-friendly with a shallow learning curve, making it perfect for small and large businesses.

2. Which Whatfix alternative is best for medium to large enterprises?

Apty’s serves the needs of medium to large enterprises, including several Fortune 500 companies. For example, a global company is rolling out Salesforce to more than 3 million independent sales consultants around the world using Apty.

3. Which Whatfix alternative is best for companies with heightened data security needs?

Apty works with large banks and government agencies. We understand the unique data security needs of all our clients.

Nathan Altadonna
Written by Nathan Altadonna

A former journalist and product manager, Nathan is a proud tech geek who blogs about digital transformation, employee productivity, and enterprise software. In addition to his work with Apty, Nathan runs his own consulting company, Innate Digital, helping companies develop content and get the most out of their marketing tech stack.

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