Top 5 Products for Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation, the process of leveraging technology to modernize - and digitize - existing business practices, has taken on a new sense of urgency in the wake of the corona virus pandemic.

Remote collaboration and communication have laid bare the technological weaknesses of many companies, with the silver lining of clearly showing what needs to be improved immediately to maximize efficiency and stay competitive. 

Digital Transformation is such a broad concept that it can take many different forms in practice: one company’s DX strategy may involve ramping up data analytics, while another might prioritize moving business operations to the cloud. 

Thankfully, there are a great number of products specifically designed to bolster your company’s digital transformation strategy and provide the cutting-edge software necessary for 21st century markets.  

Here are the top five products essential to any business’ digital transformation efforts, from document automation to customer service bots.

  • Freshservice
  • PandaDoc
  • NachoNacho
  • Apty


This service management and internal IT solution from Freshworks extends digital capabilities and delivers exceptional employee and end-user satisfaction. The no-code platform helps quickly develop enterprise-grade customizations, and repetitive tasks are automated 

Freshservice offers a slew of features to help user companies establish and maintain a modern system of service management, including ML-powered suggestions and responses, the Freshworks Platform with API for custom integration, smart analytics, and access to hundreds of Marketplace Apps. 

For small enterprises with a handful of team members and no organized service management system, Freshservice may not be necessary. But as soon as operations become big enough that service management gets difficult, Freshservice is an essential part of upscaling and modernizing a company’s IT infrastructure so that actions that take up employee time can be automated and service management issues can be fully digitized. 


PandaDoc is a document automation software to create, approve, track and electronically sign documents faster.

Going paperless may have already been a no-brainer, but now that vast portions of the workforce are operating from home and interpersonal contact is limited, applications like PandaDoc are more important than ever, and are a pillar of many enterprises’ digital transformation. 

The team behind this tool is explicitly focused on ease-of-use so that workflows and deals are as simple and quick as possible. The eSignatures are secure and legally binding, and creating a document takes little time or know-how with the drag-and-drop editor.  

Other features that make PandaDoc a top product are easy collaboration and version tracking of drafted documents, customizable templates that allow companies to stay on-brand, reminders and a tracking system for sent documents, customer engagement tracking, and a lot of integrations with other important workflow applications like Google Docs and Slack.

The amount of technological features they’ve managed to offer all in one place makes PandaDoc stand out as a DX tool. is a conversational AI platform that automates the chat between a business and its customers, aiming to generate more genuine interactions and get customers to what they want directly.

24/7 customer service is a great thing to have, but the work and diligence required for a manual solution to it is prohibitive and ripe for delays or fumbling, especially for smaller enterprises. 

Here’s a prime area for digital transformation! A chatbot can get customers (current or prospective) the information or tools they need, minimizing response time and freeing up employees to focus on other tasks. 

Among chatbots, is geared more towards large enterprises, offering greater data protection and a ready-made, customizable system rather than the expensive, consultant-based alternatives. is available as a web chat on a company’s site or on Facebook Messenger, and there are Beta versions being tested for WeChat and SMS. 

As its domain suggests, Botco uses AI to continually train the chatbot to better answer novel questions and improve its outcomes. Other features include a dashboard with live user data and a HIPAA-compliant answering system for medical patients.


NachoNacho is a SaaS subscriptions marketplace and management platform that helps businesses organize and limit their growing collections of software services that are necessary to stay technologically competitive.

The NachoNacho marketplace allows users to browse and choose from dozens of SaaS products, and the integrated web-based app uses a virtual credit card solution to limit and track spending on each subscription, just how the user wants it. 

As more and more companies undergo digital transformation and adopt tailored SaaS solutions as part of their DX strategy, it will be increasingly important- but difficult- to maintain control of their SaaS costs. This can take the form of setting monthly or annual limits on specific expenditures, pinpointing wasteful subscription spending, and customizing expiration dates for specific charges. 

NachoNacho can do all of this, and combines it with a marketplace of SaaS products (all of which had cashback offers at the time of writing) that, upon purchase, automatically get added to a user’s or company’s spending dashboard. 

By using separate virtual cards for each subscription, this solution also adds a layer of security to subscriptions spending, while also organizing spending data over time in easily understandable graphs for users.

Other features include a Slack integration, a quite handy Chrome Extension that autofills payment fields with a user’s specific corresponding NachoNacho card information, and a Company/Group system that allows team members to be added on and organized in the same place.


Apty helps businesses optimize the way they use their software products, from onboarding employees to providing software walkthroughs to maximizing ROI. Any web-based application can be made easier to use by Apty. 

Apty is a prime example of a digital transformation tool; it’s made to help enterprises transition to their chosen digital solutions by making the process of transformation as smooth and intuitive as possible. This can look like a lot of different things, but Apty covers it all.

There’s on-screen guidance for the software adoption process, an easy process for creating and publishing product tours, on-screen announcements that allow direct communication with employees, and tools for tracking usage and output to monitor the results of a given digital transformation project. 

As for results, they show why it’s such a useful DX tool: enterprises using Apty save up to 80% on software support, training, and maintenance costs; implement and adopt software up to 3 times faster; and see up to a 40% increase in employee productivity. 

This is a guest blog from Clay Jamieson.

Clay Jamieson
Written by Clay Jamieson

Clay Jamieson is a Computer Science & Economics student at Yale University, and a marketing team member at NachoNacho, the B2B SaaS marketplace helping companies find and save on subscriptions. Clay is interested in innovative fintech solutions and winning SEO strategies.

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