Top 10 types of tools to improve user onboarding

Want to decrease your churn rate and retain more of your SaaS customers? Then it’s time to rethink your user onboarding strategy.

Before jumping into different types of User Onboarding tools, let us understand few basic questions like, 

  • What is User-Onboarding?
  • Why is user onboarding important?
  • Why User Onboarding tool is important? 
  • What are the primary things user onboarding tools should do?

What is User-Onboarding and Why it’s important?

It is a process of providing new users with necessary product knowledge and skills to help understand the principles of how your product works and why it should be a part of their workflow.

User onboarding is like a guided tour. You lead users through a series of simple tasks to reveal the benefits of your software.

Why User Onboarding tool is important?

User Onboarding tools make your users experience “Aha moment!” as soon as possible. It provides a better User Engagement, User Experience (UX), and makes your onboarding process smooth and effective.

According to Forbes, one disengaged user at the average salary level will cost you almost $16,000 per year. This shows the necessity of User Engagement and that in turn explains the importance of User onboarding tools.

What are the primary things user onboarding tools should do?

  • Accelerate the user onboarding process
  • Guide and introduce your users to the product
  • Demonstrate how to use your product

Also, people need to know,

  • How can users improve onboarding
  • How do I use onboard users
  • What defines successful product onboarding

We have addressed these questions in our blog, The Definitive Guide For User Onboarding. Here we are going to concentrate more on User Onboarding tools.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 classifications of user onboarding techniques in which we have listed around 22 User Onboarding to consider for improving your user onboarding experience:

The top 10 User Onboarding Tools Classifications

  1. Through Social Login
  2. Email tools
  3. With in-app guidance (Product tours)
  4. With chat support
  5. Support & Help tools
  6. Survey tools
  7. Analytics and Data Collection
  8. A/B Testing Software
  9. Visual Media tools
  10. User Experience (UX) Journey tools

These are many different user onboarding softwares falls under this categories. Lets have a look what are those user onboarding softwares.

1. User Onboarding tools - through Social Login

While technically not a part of onboarding, how users login can impact their adoption. If you make it easier to log in, they’re more likely to use the product and start your onboarding sequence. Consider adding a single sign-on or social login with tools like this: 


Auth0 is an enterprise-grade universal authentication and authorization platform both for web and mobile applications, it is known for its capability to reduce friction in the login experience.

With Auth0, an effective User Onboarding tool, you will not only reduce the time required by users to complete the registration process with Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions but also securely capture user’s data and prevent malicious logins.

According to cxl.com, 77% of users believe social login is a good registration solution to increase user engagement.


Auth0 Less Friction with Single Sign-On

Auth0, a freemium model-based tool that helps in onboarding your users immediately and personalizes their experience across different platforms by leveraging social login through Google, Twitter, and Facebook.


LoginRadius is a cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management platform (CIAM) that is not only simplified, customizable, and secure but also integrates it with marketing tools.

LoginRadius offers a fully customizable user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) that streamlines the registration process, login time, and password recovery. LoginRadius is available for both web and mobile applications. It provides multiple login options from social media channels and a lot more options depending on the registration type needed.


LoginRadius Seamless secured signup

It saves significant time by making login quick also collects customer data through email-based registration and social profile data.

2. User Onboarding tools  – Email tools 


Mailchimp, hassle free User Onboarding tool, is a web-based all-in-one email marketing platform that helps millions of users worldwide. MailChimp is useful to create and send targeted emails, collect and analyze email responses, run ad campaigns, automate follow-ups and monitor campaign progress.


Mailchimp Create, automate, and monitor emails

Mailchimp is a powerful tool in the email space to engage your users and onboard them actively. Key features are their templates, automation, and analytics. Mailchimp is used to send personalized emails to make it easy to connect with the right people at the right time


Customer.io unique and notable feature is to send push notifications and SMS messages to the prospects and also collect real-time data of them.


Customer.io Trigger-based custom emails

With a tool like Customer.io, you can deliver the right email at the right time to the right customer also you can segment your customers depending on real-time events and send personalized custom emails after observing what they do or don’t do during user onboarding experience.

3. User Onboarding tools  with in-app guidance (Product tours)

Tour My App

Tour My App creates code less in-application tutorials that help to onboard new users, highlight features in your application, and also reflect your value proposition faster and easier. It increases employee engagement through interactive in-app guided tours.


Tour My App – Customization made simple

Tour My App can be easily customized and the app is very user-friendly. Built-in Analytics and codeless creation of tutorials are the highlights features.


Apty is the next-gen modern Digital Adoption Platform that makes the onboarding process simpler and easier. Apty, one of the best User Onboarding tools, helps in many ways such as creates walkthroughs and content, automates mundane tasks, analytical insights, on-screen guidance, tooltips, announcements and many more.


To create credibility, look out the G2 crowd review, the best software review platform in the market.

Apty is ranking as the Highest rated digital adoption platform software in the G2 crowd with a score of 93/100. Here is a snippet from G2 Crowd.



Apty Digital Adoption is done the right way

If you need something robust that not only makes the onboarding process faster but also has added advantages then you must have Apty is in the priority list.


Nickelled, a user onboarding walkthrough making solution, helps to create easy step-by-step guides that can be added to any website without any code integration- creating code-free walkthroughs in no time to onboard your users quickly and effectively. The application lets website owners train users on new updates, online tools, and work processes. 


Nickelled- Supportive onboarding solution

There aren’t many reviews available for Nickelled, but most reviews stated that Nickelled is very easy to use and they do provide good customer support and the tool is worth buying.

4. User Onboarding tools - with chat support


LiveChat is a chat platform that can be used to interact with visitors on your website. It is an online customer service software that allows you to communicate in real-time with visitors to your Web site via instant messaging. LiveChat is packed with features that are designed to boost your customer’s satisfaction. 


LiveChat – Unlock the data behind the problems

Top 5 benefits of Livechat support:

  1. Reduced expenses and increased sales
  2. Improved customer support
  3. Decreased customer pain points
  4. Customer convenience
  5. Competitive advantages

LiveChat helps to monitor your onboarding process and identify roadblocks of customers with the support of LiveChat analytics.


Olark is easy-to-use live chat software that helps to track your website visitors and lets you talk to customers on your website. It also gives information in real-time on your user behavior during the onboarding process. Olark helps to share a personal experience which is a way to engage users and avoid unwanted friction during the process of user onboarding.


Olark – Make your business human

Olark allows customization that gives you complete control of the integration. Olark can help you track prospects, create live chat automation, drive sales, increase conversions, and provide great customer support.

5. User Onboarding tools   Support & Help


Zendesk is a knowledge base tool that quickens the user onboarding process by allowing you to create an online help center where customers can access FAQs, community-curated solutions and step-by-step articles.


Zendesk Build with, on, and beyond

Highlighting features of Zendesk,

  • nurture customer relationships with personalized support
  • supporting consistently with self-serving helpdesk
  • lower company cost and enhance the team's productivity
  • track, prioritize, and solve customer queries
  • easily accessible live chat with responsive support

Zendesk is a customer service software tool that helps your users to help themselves by enabling the users to access the information they need to solve their issues.

Help Scout

Help Scout is a cloud-based help desk solution that allows you to empower human driving and customizable live chat and email support with an array of tools that helps consistently in supporting your users.

Help Scout helps in humanizing chat support that will help your business to build good relationships with your customers and drive more interactions and engagement.


Help Scout Let user serve themselves

Help Scout helps in the user onboarding process by automatically creating a customer support ticket for any user who has an issue during onboarding and beyond which is a notable feature.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that allows businesses to effectively manage their customer care and support function. The primary purpose of the tool is to implement chat support in user onboarding processes and track of all conversations.


Freshdesk – Have a responsive chat

Freshdesk, a ticketing software or a helpdesk tool is a perfect fit for small to medium-size enterprises that require an easily manageable helpdesk and can be effectively used for solving customer support tickets. It helps enterprises to track and resolve user queries, or any other form of enquiry from customers.

6. User Onboarding tools Survey


A survey is the best way to understand whether your user onboarding and training program is moving in the right or desired way. SurveyMonkey is the world's leading survey platform that helps to create surveys that range from simple easy polls to in-depth market research. 


SurveyMonkey – Power to drive curiosity

Some highlighting feature of SurveyMonkey

  • Response and trend analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Survey templates
  • Video and image questions
  • Customizable design themes
  • Custom reports and filters
  • Email integration and response tracking

It’s a powerful cloud-based software as a service tool that allows you to create and run professional online surveys.


Typeform survey designs are minimal and memorable. Paying attention to your users should always be a high priority, but getting proper user feedback is time-consuming and expensive, there comes the need of Typeform.

Typeform benefits

  • Conversational
  • No coding required
  • Interactive survey style
  • Ease of creating a survey


Typeform Make things a little more human

Typeform allows you to do things like business forms, product feedback, surveys, quizzes, landing page, contests, payment forms and many more.

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is an online survey platform that addresses user onboarding survey needs and requirements. It is a satisfactory tool for organizations that needs to conduct surveys in customer satisfaction, marketing, finance, education, human resources, research and other business areas with a wide range of pre-built survey templates.


Zoho Survey – Survey made simple

Zoho Survey makes survey creation simple and administration easy and painless. Zoho Survey is optimized for mobile devices and allows you to track user engagement actively. Zoho Survey’s real-time reporting and analytics tool is powerful that helps you to organize your surveys effectively.

7. User Onboarding tools   Analytics and Data Collection


Mixpanel is a behavioral and product user experience tracking tool. Mixpanel’s user interface is very simple and engaging for both mobile and web applications. Mixpanel allows you to visualize and segment your data, reports, analytics, and monitor your user onboarding KPIs. In the case of user onboarding, Mixpanel helps you to understand your user behavior better before taking action and making any important decisions.


Mixpanel – Timely assistant optimizing every touchpoint

Mixpanel is a popular funnel analytics tool that provides visibility of how effectively you retain your users post-hiring. They allow you to track and monitor the progress of the user onboarding process and helps to identify the touchpoints where the individual users need assistance and engagement.


The Amplitude platform helps you to build better in-app experiences and improve your user onboarding. Amplitude is a web and mobile analytics solution that improves retention by understanding the user journey and patterns. Amplitude analytics and dashboard allow you to monitor your product usage data and statistics in real-time, letting you know a to z about your app.

Amplitude’s notable features,

  • Understand where users are navigating 
  • High-level security
  • Responsive customer support
  • Deeper analytics  and actionable insights
  • Strategize product development


Amplitude – Behavioral targeting made simple

Amplitude released a tool called Amplitude Growth Engine, which helps you to learn and increase the winning hypothesis. Amplitude personalizes user experiences by understanding their actual behavior and building the segments tailored to your users. Amplitude helps enterprises target potential clients and increase revenue. 

8. User Onboarding tools   A/B Testing Software


Optimizely is a customer experience optimization platform that leverages A/B testing, where two versions of a web page can be compared and perform multivariate testing.

Optimizely's A/B testing methods help enterprises to identify better user onboarding methods, most effective CTA’s and also helps in taking correct decisions during tough times.


Optimizely — Data-driven decision

Features of Optimizely,

  • A/B testing
  • Multi-page experimentation
  • Analytics integrations
  • Platform security 
  • Dynamic Websites support

With Optimizely, an enterprise-grade A/B testing tool allows you to conduct multi-page experiments without coding. You can customize and control the experiment in your desired way, in the end, Optimizely provides you in-depth insights in the form of statistics, graphs, and analytics.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is personalization and also an A/B testing platform. The unique and notable feature of Google Optimize is its in-depth integration with Google Analytics. This integration allows you to perform highly advanced targeting and conversion tracking.


Google Optimize – A Dynamic product by Google

According to support.google.com

  • Google Optimize 
  • A free product that allows you to get started with experimentation.
  • Its UI is very simple but effective. 
  • Google Optimize 360 
  • Comes with a price tag 
  • Enterprise Scalability (> 100 experiments at a time)
  • Additional Simultaneous Experiment (10 objectives at a time)
  • Comprehensive Audience Targeting
  • More Complex Multivariate Tests (36 combinations at a time)
  • Enterprise-Level Service & Support

9. User Onboarding tools  – Visual Media tools


Wistia is a video software company that provides professional video-hosting services for businesses. Wistia is a trusted platform to create and host video tutorials to onboard your users quickly by making them understand and adopt your product in no time.


Wistia –Feel the power of personalization

With Wistia platform you can,

  • Create, record, and edit videos in no time
  • Customize your videos
  • Add videos to the web
  • Track video performance and also 
  • Find different ways to build audiences
  • Monitor user engagement 
  • Know the insights using video analytics

10. User Onboarding tools   User Experience (UX) Journey


Hotjar is powerful behavior analytics and user feedback platform that allows you to understand the behavior and voice of your website users and get their feedback. 


Hotjar – Visualize user behavior

Hotjar provides you the ‘big picture’ by combining heatmaps, conversion funnels and session recordings and offers you invaluable insights such as

  • Users in-app experiences 
  • How to improve your site’s UX and performance
  • How to increase conversion rates
  • Track and monitor all the feedback in a visual dashboard


FullStory is a web-based digital intelligence system that helps you to optimize your user experience within the application. It enables you to track and monitor each client's activity. 


FullStory Tackles point of friction

FullStory captures all page views and analyze heatmaps, and also track every clicks users make on your site.

FullStory features,

  • Optimize digital experience
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Session playbacks(video-like replay)
  • Robust debugging
  • Improve user onboarding experience
  • Sessions can be filtered and segmented


If you have reached here, I am sure you are a voracious reader. Kudos on that!

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are thousands of tools that fall under the spectrum of "tools helping in user onboarding." We have covered around 15+ tools here, selecting just one solution completely depends on what pain point you are trying to solve and the best tool that fits your requirement. 

For example, if your objective is to not only faster user onboarding process but also looking for feature adoption, and product analytics, the answer is a digital adoption platform like Apty.

Apty One versatile User Onboarding tool is enough rather many



This post was originally published April 2020, and was updated July 2020.

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