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Top 10 Change Management Tools for Successful Change


Organizations go through different phases of change and it is never the same for 2 organizations.

Having the right change management tools can bring structure to the chaotic process of change management. Enterprises that have a large number of employees can benefit largely from these tools.

What is Change Management Software?

Change management software helps organizations effectively drive change to make it easier for both employees and customers. This can be a change in process, staff, or software. Change management software tools help organizations implement plans, structure training programs, collect feedback, and more.

With the right set of change management processes, tools, strategies, and techniques, organizations can seamlessly handle change to create a positive impact on business outcomes.

Here is a list of change management tools that can be leveraged to speed up the process.

Top Change Management Tools

  • Apty
  • Freshservice
  • Remedy Management 9
  • ChangeGear
  • Gensuite
  • Viima
  • Giva
  • Howspace
  • SolarWinds Web Help Desk
  • The Change Shop
  • Intelligent Service Management
  • Remedy Change Management 9
  • StarTeam by MicroFocus

1. Apty

Apty, a versatile Digital Adoption Tool, meets all the business needs cited above. Apty is an all-in-one Digital Adoption Platform that helps companies manage any change associated with Digital Transformation. 

Apty (2)

Apty is a Modern DAP solution that understands any web-based application to provide valuable insights to the organization and in-app guidance to the end-user.

Apty introduced the term DAP cycle to the digital adoption world.

  • Analyze software usage – Before creating walkthroughs Apty analyzes the current usage of the software.
  • Get clear insights – Apty identifies the place of employee hiccups and gets insights on where & who needs assistance.
  • Personalize content – Create walkthroughs that address the pain points of your employees. These interactive personalized walkthroughs make your employees learn quickly and happily.
  • Improve user adoption – Employee engagement is the key to increase the adoption rate. Personalized content makes your employees complete their tasks faster and increase the software adoption rate.


Apty reduces employee resistance to change and helps companies to implement the latest digital tools. Apty empowers on-screen learning and identifies the place where the users are getting stuck and need assistance.

Once the pain points are identified, you can go ahead and create interactive walkthroughs to address employee needs.

Key benefits of Apty:

  • Boosts employee productivity.
  • No coding is required to create walkthroughs.
  • Analyze software usage.
  • Step-by-step on-screen guidance.
  • Automate mundane tasks.
  • Save costs in customer support.
  • Faster training & onboarding.
  • Instant user assistance within the application.
  • Minimize the time taken for software adoption.
  • Customizable walkthroughs.
  • Track & monitor employee activities.

Here are 7 ways Apty can assist Salesforce change management. 

2. Freshservice - IT Service Management Solution

Freshservice is a cloud-based Change Management tool that allows you to streamline the process from planning to rollout. It provides customizable software and helps in automating tasks.

Freshservice provides solutions for:

  • Asset management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Release management


Freshservice is a powerful software with a user-friendly interface that enhances organizational transformation.

Key change management features: 

  • Analyze and mitigate risks 
  • Handles support tickets 
  • Identifies the root cause of any problems 


  • Minimizes redundancy and manual efforts 
  • Improves future planning 


  • Limited Reporting option 
  • Integration with 3rd party apps could be difficult 

3. Remedy Management 9 – IT Service Management Solution

Remedy 9 by BMC software is a cloud-based Change Management tool that combines an IT director, a service desk manager, a service delivery manager, and a change manager into one suite.

This innovative IT Service Management (ITSM) software identifies uncertainty and potential risks when dealing with organizational transformation.

remedy management 9

Remedy 9 provides solutions for: 

  • Multi-Cloud Service Management
  • Change Management 
  • Release Management 

Key change management features:

  • Live chat for quick problem resolution 
  • Collision detection and impact analysis 
  • On-premise implementation 
  • Facilitate the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) complaint process 
  • Data-driven insights


  • Great support team.
  • Streamlines operations and helps create effective workflows for multiple processes.


  • It can be slow sometimes with lagging issues 
  • Very dense layout and multiple sections look the same 

4. ChangeGear - Enterprise-level IT service management platform

ChangeGear is an enterprise-level ITIL-based Change Management software that allows you to plan your organizational Change Management strategies. It uses advanced automation and controls to manage your transformation process in one simple interface.


ChangeGear provides solutions for:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Powerful automation
  • Ad-hoc reporting

ChangeGear has solutions for multiple roles including IT, DevOps, and business.

Key change management features: 

  • Streamlines change processes for DevOps and reduce release bottlenecks.
  • Automates ITIL change management best practices.
  • Meet compliance requirements of NERC/CIP, FDA CFR 21, PCI, and others.


  • Provides you complete visibility and allows you to track changes.
  • Customize controls.
  • Improves the communication between your teams.
  • Easily identify the conflicts.
  • Reduce risk by creating a central repository.


  • Documentation doesn’t give sufficient examples 
  • Since the software has gone through several upgrades over the years, some of the backend configurations do not match. Due to which the customization becomes a bit difficult. 

5. Gensuite - Compliance & Management Software

Gensuite Change Management Software will simplify the Management of Change (MOC) process by managing processes, compliance, and risks for transformation. It creates a standardized process for identifying and implementing the need for organizational-wide transformation.

Gensuite, the self-configurable platform, is designed to track and manage risks as operational, equipment and people-related changes occur.


Gensuite provides solutions for: 

  • EHS & Sustainability 
  • Product Stewardship 
  • Regulated asset & equipment management

Key change management features: 

  • Action item tracking with real-time stat 
  • Enables the identification, tracking, and documenting of risks 
  • Engages stakeholders in process stages to process validation 
  • Automatic communication and status updates 
  • Identifies issues using data mining and reporting 


  • Good workflow capacity.
  • Good customer support and quick bug fixes.


  • Customization could be difficult 
  • The navigation through the application is not simple because of too many features which are understandable.

6. Viima - Cloud-Based Idea Management Software

Viima is a collaboration Change Management software that allows you to gather ideas from employees, stakeholders, and customers all in one place. Viima is a smart idea management platform for collecting, analyzing, and prioritizing ideas.

Viima  provides solutions for 

  • Cultivate an implementation plan
  • Establish important metrics to track
  • Monitoring each progress 


Key change management features: 

  • Built-in discussions for team collaboration 
  • Easy categorization and automatic notifications


  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing bottlenecks 
  • Functional, dynamic, mobile-friendly, and flexible platform 
  • Help individuals and remote teams stay connected 


  • It is hard to get people to add the updates 
  • Mobile UI is great but not as awesome as the desktop app 

7. Giva – IT Help Desk Software

Giva provides solutions for 

  • Asset management 
  • Knowledge management 
  • Ticketing & Service desk 


Key change management features: 

  • Highly customizable solution with automated workflows 
  • Convert emails into tickets without any manual input 
  • Customizable fields, options, and screens 
  • Trend analysis reporting 


  • Easy customization without any coding.


  • Monthly updates sometimes disrupt the flow but over time it only improves the way you use the product. 

8. Howspace- AI-Powered Digital Collaboration Tool

Howspace is a socially-driven Change Management tool for learning both management and organizational transformations. This AI-powered platform lets your team members collaborate, post their ideas, and interact with one another throughout the transformation process.


How Space provides solutions for: 

  • 360-degree feedback 
  • Business Process Control 
  • Change Management & Planning 

Key change management features: 

  • AI-powered analytics helps to quickly analyze entire discussions 
  • Behavior-triggered notifications 
  • Social connectivity and co-creation 


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating custom workspaces
  • Creates a place for conversation and improves social learning 


  • Multi-Language support is not available 
  • AI sometimes takes longer to interpret inputs received from non-English speakers. 

9. SolarWinds Web Help Desk – IT Ticketing Software

In the transformation process, keeping a track of a huge number of tickets is always challenging. SolarWinds Web Help Desk is a ticketing Change Management software designed to perform various operations using a single console.

solar winds web help desk

Solarwinds provides solutions for  

  • Asset Management Software
  • Software Asset Management
  • Incident Management

Key change management features:  

  • Automates ticket approval communication process
  • Auto-assign service requests facility
  • Setting reminders for pending approvals


  • Provides a facility to select the required approver to the end-users
  • Reduces the chances of errors and tickets getting lost


  • You cannot use some chart types for some type of data  
  • Consume a lot of system resources and as a result, the loading time gets slow

10. The Change Shop – Change Management Platform

It is a cloud-based application that primarily focuses on collaborative feedback, data collecting, and surveys to evaluate the readiness of your team.

The four principles, give voice to your team, compare results, team engagement, and use data

the change shop

The Change Shop provides solutions for:

  • Change Calendar & Planning  
  • Task Management 
  • Prioritization  

These are designed to manage your organizational transformation.

Before implementing transformation, leverage Change Shop to create 'what-if' scenarios and identify potential risk factors and negative impacts tailored to your organization.

Key change management features: 

  • Minimize your employee resistance to transformation 
  • Get real-time feedback from your employees 
  • Easily navigate through commitment plans 


  • Helps in the decision-making process 
  • Automatically collects the data and provides in-depth reports 


  • Simplistic reporting which could be improved
  • Complicated solution for a less tech-savvy user

Suggested Tools

11. Intelligent Service Management

Intelligent Service Management accurately and responsively supports your customers and ensures that your IT resources meet the business needs of your organization and your end-users.

Intelligent Service Management

Intelligent Service Management Provides Solutions for:

  • Customer support.
  • IT service operations.

Key change management features:

  • Facilitates customer support and IT service operations.
  • Track, manage and assign dedicated support analysts.
  • Provide tailored services to each customer.


  • Easy to use.
  • Highly customizable.


  • Advanced reporting requires the help of the support team to be set up.
  • Takes time to load the ticket.
  • Slightly steep learning curve.

12. Rocket Aldon

Rocket Aldon change management tools help maintain records regarding all the application parts and how they are related. It makes it easier to assess the impact of the change before a line of code is altered. They free developers from the laborious task of dealing with complex directory and library structures.

Rocket Aldon

Rocket Aldon Provides Solutions for:

  • Change management.
  • IT workflow automation.
  • Built-in compliance management.
  • Software release management.

Key change management features:

  • Change request management.
  • Workflow and change management.
  • Software configuration management.
  • Distribution and release management.
  • Distributed development.


  • Allows flexibility for user groups.
  • Ease of comparing code versions within the tool.


  • Check-in and check-out processes can be cumbersome.
  • UI is crowded and not intuitive.
  • Requires in-house expertise to maintain and manage.

13. StarTeam by MicroFocus - Change and Configuration Management Software

Starteam allows you to manage change from inception to delivery. It provides both change and version management for the entire delivery lifecycle and maintains control and visibility of software deliverables. This allows development teams to deliver faster, with higher quality, while providing end-to-end process compliance.

StarTeam by MicroFocus

Starteam Provides Solutions for:

  • Team and Stakeholder Collaboration.
  • Change management.
  • Project Visibility and Build Management.
  • Agile Project Management.

Key change management features:

  • Provides a complete audit of all versions and change interdependencies.
  • Workflow designer helps modify and re-configure processes and forms.
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides developers visibility into all requirements, tasks, and relevant source files.


  • Easy to use when it comes to filing systems.
  • Useful for handling change requests.
  • Provides a trail for every check-in.


  • Outdated User Interface.
  • Expensive for smaller teams.
  • Only the most expensive edition allows customizations.

Which Change Management Tool is Right for Your Business?

Before investing in change management software for your business, there are various factors that you have to consider.

The first factor to consider is the change management model that your organization is going to follow. Read more about various change management models here.

Once you choose the model, analyze the existing processes in your business operations and identify what needs to be changed. Apty is an excellent tool to analyze software usage and find gaps in your processes.

Change management usually involves 3 phases:

  • Planning the approach
  • Implement and manage the change
  • Review performance and sustain outcomes

The right change management tool must be able to assist you in all these stages. Effective change management with the help of the right tool can help meet the objectives and ensure the success of your project.

These are the top 13 tools that help in effective Change Management. If you think that we’ve missed out on any important tools, feel free to reach out to us.

Handling employee resistance to change is the biggest impediment to propagating change. Apty enables hassle-free employee training & onboarding without the need of lengthy manuals or time-consuming training sessions.

Apty provides helpful on-the-job learning with the help of in-app guidance. This improves employee engagement and minimizes their resistance to change.


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