Salesforce MVPs – Why to connect with them and How?

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Missed out on the recent Salesforce event? don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Salesforce events are always the source of gaining knowledge and improving technical Salesforce skills. If you follow Salesforce and claim to be a trailblazer, then you’re always craving for more knowledge.

Here’s an interesting thing, Salesforce released the Salesforce MVP list where 48 new candidates have been chosen by the Salesforce community. This has been done based on their exceptional contributions and commitment towards helping others flourish in their community.

What does Salesforce MVP stand for?
The Salesforce MVP initiative recognizes extraordinary talent for their contributions to the Salesforce community.

Salesforce MVPs help or influence people by sharing their knowledge, leadership, creativity and their expertise within the Salesforce community. MVPs are selected every year by the previous MVPs, and they’re selected based on some characteristics. As per Salesforce, an MVP should have the following:

* Expertise in Salesforce products

* Generosity among the Salesforce community

* Leadership, Setting an example to others

* Advocacy, being advocates for Salesforce

One can join Trailblazer Community Group where Salesforce MVPs join as speakers to share their expertise and provide more insights about Salesforce tips and tricks.

In this blog, we've compiled a list of 8 Salesforce MVPs that one must follow on social media platforms

Here you go -

  • Ben McCarthy
  • Gemma Emmett
  • Mark Adcock
  • Jenna Molby
  • Rupesh Bhatia
  • Sandi Nuss Zellner
  • Radhika Bansal
  • Kishore B T

Let’s get in detail with these Salesforce MVPs and know more about them.

Ben McCarthy

Ben McCarthy Twitter pageBen McCarthy is a popular personality among the Salesforce trailblazers. Salesforce’s leading blog Salesforce Ben was created by Ben McCarthy which is dedicated to educating people about Salesforce tricks, news, certifications and career guidance. Ben McCarthy is also Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Nymble, an ISV that integrates Google and Salesforce to provide marketing ROI on digital campaigns.

Gemma Emmett

Gemma Emmett Twitter pageGemma Emmet is no less than a Wonder woman, she’s an entrepreneur, a blogger, Salesforce MVP and an inspirational personality. She’s hardcore fighter who beat cancer twice, you’ve heard it right! Not once but twice. Gemma is also an award-winning founder of Salesforce women community called @archladies for women Salesforce architects of all identities.

Mark Adcock

Mark Adcock Twitter pageMark is 11x certified Salesforce application architect and Salesforce consultant with Appirio, a consulting company that provides strategic and operational services. Mark is Salesforce community leader for Charlottesville and has his expertise in Salesforce Community Cloud. He’s also Salesforce certified service cloud consultant, Data Architecture and Management, Platform Application Builder, Advanced Administrator, Salesforce MVP and the list goes on.

Jenna Molby

Jenna Molby Twitter page3x Salesforce certified and Marketing Operations Manager, Jenna Molby is quite a talent and Salesforce MVP. Jenna is Salesforce and Pardot blogger as well, Pardot is part of Salesforce which offers marketing automation to marketing and sales teams to help them generate more leads. Jenna currently works at a software company and she’s also the administrator for various tools and processes in marketing and sales.

Rupesh Bhatia

Rupesh Bhatia Twitter pageRupesh Bhatia came from a long way to be a Salesforce influencer and Salesforce MVP. His journey to Salesforce is an inspiring one, he always believed in himself with his determination to follow his goals, and to be the best in what he does. He’s Salesforce Solution Architect at Deloitte Digital and 13x Salesforce certified advocate. Rupesh is one hell of a contributor to the Salesforce community with his leadership qualities and life lessons.

Sandi Nuss Zellner

Sandi Zellner Twitter pageIf you’re low on confidence at any point of time, then Sandi Zellner is your go to person with her inspiring stories about life. 10x Salesforce certified, Salesforce MVP and Solution Architect at Cloud theory, Sandi Zellner is also NY City Admin Community Group Leader. Her journey is encouraging one from being a Music teacher to a talented Solution Architect. Sandi Zellner is an Awesome Admin award winner at Salesforce and an inspiring human being.

Radhika Bansal

Radhika Bansal Twitter pageRadhika Bansal, a Salesforce MVP and Certified Application Architect. Works for Accenture as an Advanced App Engineering Specialist and she’s also a Dreamforce speaker where she spoke about technical aspects of Salesforce Lightning. Radhika is very passionate about technology and loves Artificial Intelligence, she is Platform Developer 2, Platform Developer 1 App builder and a Salesforce Admin.

Kishore B T

Kishore Twitter pageKishore is talented tech guy and a Salesforce MVP, he’s an experienced software techie skilled in Apex data, C++, Core Java and other platforms. Kishore has a master’s degree in Computer Applications which is focused in Computer software Engineering. He is also one of the organisers for Bengaluru Salesforce Developers group and currently he works at TEKsystems as a Senior Salesforce Developer.

To sum it up, Salesforce MVPs are always looking to help Salesforce Community or Trailblazers in every way possible so it’s easy to connect with them and keep learning all the time.

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Originally posted on March 5, 2020

Abhilash Adinarayan
Written by Abhilash Adinarayan

Abhilash is a Digital Marketing Executive at Apty.

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