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Onboarding new employees always requires an effective combination of the right people & technology. Onboarding empowers new hires or new employees to be successful in a company by providing them with the knowledge, skills, & habits that are needed to achieve goals.

What is Sales Onboarding & Why it is Important?

Sales Onboarding is the process of training & mentoring newly-hired Sales Reps with the necessary knowledge during the ramp-up period. This is when Sales Reps learn your company norms & values and how to use your product.

Sales Onboarding programs have a direct impact on company revenue. An effective onboarding process helps in increasing revenue and lowering sales rep turnover rate.

Research says, on an average, new Sales Reps spend 10 weeks in training & development and become productive only after 11.2 months.

This is a quite long time and could potentially affect your Return on Investment (ROI). This is why it is imperative to find alternative ways to train & onboard Sales Reps as early as possible.

What is Sales Onboarding Software?

Sales Onboarding software is a tool that helps Sales managers onboard team members smoothly, develop courses & programs to train your Sales Reps, and build their product knowledge.

To get a deeper understanding of just how important sales onboarding software is, we will discuss the following:

  • Sales Onboarding best practices
  • Best Sales Onboarding software
  • Benefits of Using Sales Onboarding Software
  • How to Make the Right choice

Also, you can take a look at our new employee onboarding checklist to make your onboarding smooth & effective.

Sales Onboarding Best Practices

The top 5 best practices that you must follow to onboard your Sales Reps effectively:

1. Standardize the Onboarding process (Once vs Ongoing)

First, you must understand that Sales Onboarding is completely a different ball game, when compared to other onboarding processes. Sales Onboarding is not a one-time event. For a sales rep to be considered as “fully onboarded”, it might take you anywhere from 6 to 12 months.


Fully onboarded is the time where Sales Reps hit full or expected productivity levels. Since Sales Onboarding is an ongoing process, you must standardize your process for the long-term.

2. Start before day 1

Sales Reps training must start before day 1. It doesn’t mean your Sales Reps must be able to hit the sales floor on the first day. The Sales Onboarding process must begin early - HR and team leaders must provide a company overview and other basic information that Sales Reps need to know right from the start.


This approach makes your new sales rep walk into the company with a baseline of your product and sales methodologies.

3. Never assume or judge

Acquiring knowledge or skills is an iterative process. It is easy to assume that your new Sales Reps have good sales knowledge. You must keep in mind that not all your Sales Reps will possess the same level of skillsets.


The Sales Onboarding process must be common for all. Never assume the skill levels of anyone. For effective sales onboarding, make sure your new Sales Reps receive three levels of training – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

4. New reps with Veteran team

Have your new Sales Reps shadow veteran team members. “On the job” is the best way to learn. Sales cannot be theoretically taught, it needs to be practically acquired.


An effective way to train new Sales Reps is to have a senior member of the team mentor them. An expert salesperson can show the new hires how to approach customers, nurture them and close deals.

5. Track, Measure, Improve

The Sales Onboarding process must have proper tracking metrics to be followed. What you don't measure, you cannot grow. Tracking the training period of the new Sales Reps, the cost of onboarding a new sales rep, the Return on Investment (ROI) of it all, etc, will help you streamline and find the optimal way of doing things.


Before getting into the finer details of a Sales Onboarding software, you might want to look at our New Employee Onboarding Guide which throws some light on

  • Onboarding Vs Orientation
  • New Employee Onboarding Program
  • Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Best Sales Onboarding software

The top 4 Sales Onboarding Software out there in the market are:

1. Apty

Apty is the world’s fastest growing Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that makes any web-based application easier to use and provides actionable insights to improve efficiency.

Apty is an effective employee training & onboarding software that enhances sales rep engagement and improves the Sales Onboarding process.

Apty’s Onscreen Guidance helps your Sales Reps to use your software right from their day one, with no additional training sessions.

apty (4)

Traditional sales rep training and onboarding methods are ineffective & slow. Apty empowers Sales Reps to fully learn, use, and adopt your product in a couple of days, not weeks.

With Apty you can expect:

  • Decreased training costs by up to 60%
  • Real-time support to employees
  • Improved sales rep knowledge & retention
  • Increased employee performance & productivity

2. Lessonly

Lessonly is a cloud-based onboarding software that allows you to create, share & track onboarding materials from a singular interface. Lessonly can be customized to match a company’s look by incorporating logos, a personalized URL & more.


Lessonly is primarily used by Sales teams, Customer Success teams, and HR teams. It helps in Sales Onboarding by adding new Sales Reps to specific assignments that can be done by a few mouse clicks and due date feature that ensure courses are completed in time.

3. SalesHood

SalesHood is a sales enablement platform and Sales Onboarding software that combines learning, coaching & selling into a streamlined system for your workforce. SalesHood helps companies to improve their sales productivity and revenue outcomes.


With the Sales onboarding software like SalesHood, you can get your new Sales Reps on message, with the right training at the right time.

SalesHood helps to improve engagement, in turn doubling the speed of your onboarding process. Optimize your Sales training and onboarding processes with SalesHood Learning Management System (LMS). You can also make Sales Reps training fun with easy tasks & micro-assessments.

4. Brainshark

Brainshark offers Web-based applications & products to help organizations improve sales onboarding process, sales rep effectiveness & productivity. Brainshark is a sales enablement platform that prepares your Sales Reps to perform to their best capacity.


With Brainshark training & sales onboarding, you can ensure Sales Reps are always ready to make the most of any deals. Brainshark enables on-demand sales training that accelerates the onboarding process & keeps your Sales Reps dynamic and improves their performance level.

Benefits of Using Sales Onboarding Software

Sales Onboarding software makes Sales Reps training & onboarding faster, speeds up their readiness, & directly impacts your revenue. Sales onboarding software enables Managers to bring new Sales Reps up to full productivity at the earliest.

Few other notable benefits of using a Sales Onboarding Software are:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduced Onboarding Time
  • Increased Engagement
  • Improved Sales Performance
  • Enhanced communication & support
  • Reduced retention rate

How to Make the Right choice?

Here are the steps to follow while choosing the best Sales Onboarding software:

  1. Create a list of requirements
  2. Split your requirements into must-have & good-to-have
  3. Identify and review a few Sales Onboarding tools that meet your requirements
  4. Select the top 2, Schedule a demo or free trial
  5. Pick the best one that suits your company

How to Make the Right choice

Given the current pandemic situation, many companies leverage some kinds of tools to remotely train & onboard employees. Look for a versatile tool that helps in remote onboarding & training, business continuity, change management, digital transformation, and employee support.

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is one such investment. A DAP is the most cost-effective investment that addresses almost all of your training & onboarding challenges.

Want to know how Apty can Redefine your Sales Onboarding Practices?

Originally posted on September 18, 2020

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