Sales Enablement Tools: 10 Must-Have Tools for Every Enterprise


Sales enablement tools are a must-have for any sales professional. Not having all the essential tools by your side could waste any sales rep’s valuable time. 

If you have been doing sales, then you would know that your time is worth its weight in gold. You cannot spend your time on administrative work or figuring out what to do.

It is found that sales reps only spend 35.2% of their time selling and the remaining time goes on other non-essential activities.

How to overcome this?

Well, making a sale is not easy when you engage yourself with other non-essential activities. The best way to make the most of time and effort is to invest in tools that can make your sales team productive and effective.

Further, sales teams should be trained regularly on the jobs in order to maximize use and adoption of these tools. 

The best sales enablement tools will help you to provide incredible customer engagement, enhance business intelligence, understand the sales analytics, optimize the process, and more.

Utilizing the right sales tools could make you realize your Sales enablement strategies and boost overall revenue. Here are a few tools that will make sales and marketing teams easy.

Top 10 Sales Enablement Tools

  • Sales Analytics
    • 6Sense
    • Lattice
  • Sales Training
    • Apty
    • Lessonly
    • Mindtickle
  • Sales Management
    • Hoopla 
    • Social Chorus
    • LevelEleven
  • Sales CRMs
    • Salesforce
    • Hubspot

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics tools help you to understand how your sales reps are performing, where they are struggling, and which strategies are failing. Knowing multiple factors like these could help Sales Leaders to manage their efforts effectively and create successful strategies that work for their team.

a. 6Sense

6Sense is an Account engagement tool with an incredible analytics capability that will help your sales team to identify opportunities in places you never imagined.

How it achieves this?

Well, it uncovers the anonymous buying behavior by providing data on what the companies are researching for. This is identified by using the technologies like Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data.


When you combine this data with Salesforce, Marketo, Outreach, and website data, you can recognize new opportunities.

Further, you can set alerts to learn when a customer moves from one stage to another. This helps the sales rep to target a customer with relevant information and keep them engaged throughout their journey. 

Knowing at what stage your potential customer is in can help you personalize your approach easily since you have all the relevant data by your side. 

In short, with 6Sense you can forecast your customer behavior and approach them in a personalized manner.

b. Lattice

Lattice is a performance management software that helps track team performance and efficiency. It assists in providing continuous feedback to an individual employee.


It also has a survey mechanism that enables you to learn about employee engagement. You can set goals and track how it is being achieved, enabling you to have a more mature approach towards completing performance reviews.

It is powered with an analytics tool that helps you to create a high-performing workforce.

By using Lattice, Sales Reps can go through the review and improve their performance while the Sales Manager can understand where their team stands.

Sales Training

This is an important factor that will make your sales team better, productive, and effective is sales training. Some training tools will help you to create, manage, and deliver the training content in the desired format while other tools will help you to learn how your sales reps consume these training materials.

The main objective is to make the sales team better by countering the forgetting curve.

a. Apty

Apty is a powerful Sales enablement training tool to train your Sales professionals on any web-based application. It guides users from one step to the other seamlessly.

Using the in-app guidance solution, Sales reps can be trained from day one. Unlike other training methods, there is no need to spend time training the employees. The employees can learn on the fly by doing their job. This way the valuable time of your organization and Sales professionals is saved.

Apty is a combination of Walkthroughs, Tooltips, In-app Announcements, and Powerful insights generated by using technologies like Machine Learning which makes it a Modern Digital Adoption Platform with full capabilities.

Its analytics tools help you to create customized training content, workflows, and help you to analyze how the Salespeople are using the application like Salesforce or Hubspot. You can provide Microlearning to your employees without bothering them with too much information.

The In-app guidance system can be accessed at any point in time by your Sales reps if they forget anything. There is no risk of losing productivity.

In short, Apty is an end-to-end onboarding and training solution which can maximize the efficiency of your sales team by training them on their job without wasting their time.

b. Lessonly

Lessonly is a Sales Training Platform that helps you to create, manage, and distribute content across the organization. It helps you to gain insights into the training of your Sales rep. Using the analytics you can identify where they are in their training process.


It helps admins to quickly create a training class without having in-depth knowledge or vast experience in Instructional design. This user-friendly tool makes the life of course creators easy and helps them to understand where the learner stands.

A Training Platform like Lessonly makes things simple for both learners and admins.

c. Mindtickle

Mindtickle is a complete data-driven Sales Enablement Platform that helps Sales professionals through the sales cycle using Gamification, Microlearning, Quizzes, and Structured Learning Path. 

It makes your sales professionals ready for their job. On this platform, you can develop, coach, and enhance the performance of your sales team by training them from any location.


Moreover, Mindtickle has this amazing ability to correlate sales capability with business outcomes enabling organizations to know the impact of sales enablement on revenue.

Sales reps can be trained via a Mobile-ready interface which allows microlearning experience that eventually guides them to attain their goals.

Sales Management

To sustain the pressure of sales you need to improve the performance and boost the motivation levels of the team. Well, we have a few such tools that will do just that.

a. Hoopla

Hoopla enables Sales Managers to create competition, contests, and leaderboards around any CRM metric and project live performance metric throughout the organization via TV, Mobile, and Web.


This boosts measurable gains in team productivity. It helps the manager to keep the spirits of their team high by creating a play-to-win culture. It can easily integrate with any CRM solution like Salesforce.

In short, Hoopla is a Full-stack Performance Management Software that helps you to manage the productivity and performance of employees by motivating them regularly.

b. SocialChorus:

SocialChorus is a workforce communication platform that enables companies to work as one. It is a complete communication solution that reaches, aligns, and informs every employee within the organization.


Using this tool companies can share relevant documents, and messages to the right person. It is not like Onedrive where your Sales reps can share information. It is rather an end-to-end content management platform that helps you to see the value of having a centralized hub for sharing information.

In a nutshell, SocialChorus is a platform for managing information efficiently by providing the right info to the right person. It is an ideal tool to bring all your employees on the same page and handle the communication channels in a better way.

c. LevelEleven:

LevelEleven is the Sales Activity Management Platform that helps to make your Salespeople as top professionals by providing engagement, performance, and behavioral data. It guides the Salespeople in real-time by helping them to track their performance.

The analytics tools help Sales Managers to create tasks, goals, and activities for the Sales reps and identify where they are struggling.


It is like a gamification tool that trains the Salespeople and by executing their tasks they can learn things that are working or not working.

Based on their performance, the platform recommends key factors that a Sales professional can use to close a deal. It creates a culture of high-performance within the organization.

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Sales CRMs

Sales CRM is the be-all-and-end-all of any sales personnel. It is the most important tool in their arsenal. But unfortunately, Salespeople spend over 2/3rd of their time handling their leads, mapping the buyer’s journey, while a CRM is fully capable of taking care of these tasks for them!

A CRM should be flexible enough to allow customization and automation of tasks. Members of your sales team shouldn’t have to spend any unnecessary time on tedious tasks that will generate no revenue.

a. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce needs no introduction since it is one of the widely used CRM platforms. 

It is a complete CRM solution with cross-platform integrations which makes the life of any Sales rep easy.


It has a wide range of functionalities that allow you to automate tasks, and customize the platform to accelerate your organizational growth.

It offers Lead and Contact Management, Sales Opportunity Management, Workflow Rules and Automation, Customizable Dashboards and Reports, and Mobile Application.

You can always track where in the buying cycle your customer is and approach the customer based on that. The availability of data from other platforms and the way insights are presented in the dashboard make Salesforce an incredible CRM application that you cannot ignore.

b. Hubspot

Hubspot is easy to use CRM solution in the market that provides Sales Engagement Tools, Configure-Price-Quote, Lead Data, and good Sales Analytics tool.


Creating sales workflows and email sequences is also an easy task compared to other CRM solutions.

The ability to track customer's calls and emails at any point in the selling cycle is simple. The complete solution of HubSpot provides an end-to-end experience, including the support they offer. 

Create Your Sales Enablement Toolkit

This list of Sales enablement tools is aimed at making your job simple. All these tools are highly rated and relevant.

If you don’t use any of these tools, then it is high time to look into at least one from each segment and make your sales efforts count.

Empower your Sales Team with the right tools. 

Krishnan Kaushik
Written by Krishnan Kaushik

Krishnan is the author of L&D, ERP, and CRM solutions for Apty. He has 3 years of experience in IoT and Digital transformation. He is passionate about marketing and in love with Google SERPs He is also passionate about the Economy. You can find him on twitter @IAM_krish_v and can challenge him for a match of chess.

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