5 best remote training tools for the next normal - WFH


The pandemic has made remote work culture gain a sudden momentum in many organizations. Market leaders say that this trend will only increase and will experience a dramatic shift with work for home (WFH) becoming the new norm.

With the development of digital technology, it is no wonder that your employees' expectations from training have changed. Remote training tools have become a must-have for businesses to train their employees effectively. Also, the remote training process must evolve to make sure that the employees catch up with the change of pace.

According to globalworkplaceanalytics, 76% of global employees want to continue working from home. This highlights the need for leveraging remote training tools for effective training and development of your team.

The Top 6 Remote Training Tools to Watch Out For:

  1. Apty 
  2. Looop 
  3. iSpring 
  4. ezTalks Meetings
  5. WizIQ 


Apty, the fastest-growing remote training tool, helps organizations to improve employee productivity, lower remote employee onboarding & training costs, and increase software Return on Investment. Apty also helps enterprises increase Digital Adoption and kick start their Digital Transformation journey.

apty (6)

Apty makes any web-based application easier to use and its interactive walkthroughs solve software adoption challenges and also improves your remote employee onboarding experience.

Why Apty?

  • Analytics 
    • Identify the pain points of remote employees with advanced analytics. Address the pain points by creating personalized tooltips and workflows. 
  • On-screen guidance 
    • Helps your remote employees to complete complex tasks easily and accurately. Apty’s interactive workflows assist them whenever they face challenges navigating an application. 
  • In-app announcements
    • Make your remote employees look forward to what's next and make sure no employee, remote or otherwise, ever misses out on any important communication or notification.
  • Validation 
    • Ensures data accuracy and shows your remote employees what kind of information must be entered in the specific field. 


Looop is a simple cloud-based learning software built to meet the needs of remote teams. Looop, an effective remote training tool, creates a digital learning space for your workplace needs. L&D professionals can use Looop to produce quizzes and questionnaires for remote employee onboarding and training.


With Looop, your employees can find answers quickly without the need for any assistance. Loop’s search helps you increase the productivity of remote working employees as they get what they want in no time 

Why Looop? 

  • Mobile-Ready 
    • Mobile-friendly remote training tool that establishes seamless training.  
  • Improves engagement 
    • Enables your remote employees to focus on things that matter most to your business. 
  • Data-enabled decision-making 
    • Provides qualitative data to know what resources you need and when, and quantitative data to understand where resources are accessed, and completed. 
  • Real-Time tracking 
    • Monitor training compliance with remote employees. Leverage actionable insights to understand what works and what doesn’t. 


iSpring, a powerful remote training tool, is a PowerPoint-based authoring toolkit that enables you to create text-based content, quizzes, dialog simulations, video lectures, presentations, and other interactive learning materials.


iSpring is an eLearning software that provides superior technology to make your remote employee training programs effective. iSpring provides solutions for Compliance training, Induction training, Microlearning, Product training, Mobile Learning, and many more.

Why iSpring? 

  • Rapid Authoring 
    • Create courses, record narrations, and publish them online. No need for prior experience in development. 
  • PowerPoint Integration 
    • Robust PowerPoint-based remote training tool for creating courses, role-plays, and video lessons. You can create PowerPoint with buttons, hyperlinks, and styles in it. 
  • Educate and engage  
    • Video lectures, software simulations, watch tutorials, and other visual content enables remote employees to complete courses rapidly. 
  • Insightful assessments 
    • Evaluate your remote employees by creating interactive quizzes. Also, randomize questions & answers and set scoring rules to make truly cheat-proof tests. 

ezTalks Meetings 

ezTalks Cloud Meeting, another good example of a remote training tool, is designed to work through a cloud network. It is a web-conferencing tool that offers full real-time HD audio & video support.

eZ talks

ezTalks Cloud Meeting works with larger remote training rooms that can host up to five hundred individuals at a time. This ensures that a larger number of remote employees can get their training sessions at the same time. It is suitable for all major platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and Macintosh OS X.

Why ezTalks? 

  • Webinars & meetings 
    • Schedule and host live webinars at any time. Manage remote employees' meetings using multiple rooms such as kick-outlock-room, or mute-all features. 
  • Connect anywhere anytime 
    • Connect with your employees anywhereanytime, and on any device. Integrated with HD video & audio conferencing, screen sharing, content sharing, and remote control.  
  • Conference rooms 
    • Use meeting rooms of various sizes based on the number of learnersConference rooms support multiple screens, and wireless content sharing features. 
  • Interactive training 
    • Increase employee engagement level and enable better communication with interactive training. Brainstorm and visualize your ideas with remote employees and make wise decisions. 


WizIQ is an easy-to-use cloud-based remote training tool. WizIQ uses a virtual classroom set up that engages your remote employees. Learners can access your online content on-the-go with WizIQ mobile application that works both on Android & iOS devices.


WizIQ interface is intuitive and ensures your remote workers get the most out of it. With the course builder function, you can produce many courses especially for planning & conducting tests and quizzes on mobiles and tablets. 

Why WizIQ? 

  • Online Course Creation 
    • Create your self-paced online courses and structure them easily. Upload your content in any format within minutes. 
  • Virtual Classroom 
    • Plan and host webinars. Provide live-learning with HD video conferencing and real-time messaging with your remote employees. 
  • Reports & Analytics 
    • Ensure your remote workers get the most out of the contentKeep track of your employee performance and progress with analytics.  
  • Tests & Assessments 
    • Create online tests and assessments using the WizIQ test creator in 9 different formatsSet time limits and assess your employee learning easily. 

A remote training tool that can also double up as a foundation to your organization's Digital Transformation journey is a worthy investment in today's world. Being future-ready can really put your company ahead of competition and make the most of the digital advantage. If your business goals include Digital Adoption along with transformation, Apty is the one for you.

Apty is one remote training tool that serves many purposes. Right from remote employee onboarding to tech adoption, Apty assists them and ensures high productivity. Leverage Apty to make your remote onboarding and training seamless.


Revanth Periyasamy
Written by Revanth Periyasamy

Revanth is a marketing champ at Apty. An ardent tech geek who loves to write on trending topics and is a big fan of all things relating to marketing.

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