New to Zoom? Here are some quick tips to train your employees


COVID-19 has forced many companies to use video conferencing tools like Zoom meetings for everyday meetings as well as training.

Zoom has seen a sudden surge in its users in the past three months. Its user base skyrocketed from 10 million to 200 million and still counting.

Zoom is helping to solve some major problems as the world adjusts to working from home, but in some cases, organizations are unable to make most of the Zoom meetings as most of the employees are new to it. Making them familiar with such software should be a priority.

In this blog, we are highlighting some top tips for better-utilizing Zoom.

Zoom Hints and Tricks You Need to Know


There are a plethora of features that users are either unaware of or do not know how to perform them:

  • Scheduling Meeting for connecting: Most of the new users are tuned to get connected by clicking on the shared link, but what if the user has to host a meeting and send an invite. This is not a very difficult task but getting used to the platform takes time. As a result, the user sometimes wastes their valuable time on finding their way through the software. Make sure everyone is familiar with scheduling and hosting.
  • Virtual background for focus: It’s one of the incredible features in their suit. It helps the user to create a virtual background. If you are a trainer, you would like to use this feature to enhance the focus of employees attending your session.

The virtual background could be in line with your training or in line with your organization theme. This helps employees to avoid distractions that might take place in your place and a trainer could train employees from any location. Not many users utilize this amazing feature.

  • Switching sound for a better experience: Most of the time in any meeting or session the screen is shared to give a better picture to people on the other side. Here user usually captures the sound of their surroundings which could easily annoy other people attending the session.

How to Overcome Zoom Training Challenges?


Well, the user can go to settings and easily switch settings to computer audio. The problem is most of the people in the initial phase struggle to find such an option or relies on other people to guide them.

  • Space bar for unmuting: Everyone is familiar with the problem of fumbling to unmute themselves. Did you know that if you press and hold the space bar it will temporarily unmute your mic and place you back on mute when you release the space bar?
  • Spotlight Video for attention:- An amazing feature that helps you to highlight the trainer in a session where there are more than 3 participants. Here the keynote speaker, trainer, or the session enabler could set themselves in the spotlight. It enables you to become the primary speaker even if you are not an active speaker.

The main purpose of this feature is for those users who were unable to attend the session or would probably refer to the session for some important points. In this type of meeting the words coming out of the primary speaker is valuable, hence focusing on them makes more sense.

The problem is that most of the users are not familiar with these features and fail to utilize them. To overcome such hurdles organizations must ensure proper documentation of platforms like Zoom to utilize them efficiently for their business needs.

Tip:- You can manually create documentation or use Digital Adoption platforms(DAP) to create documentation in PPT, PDF, and video format on the fly. Such platforms can also be used to create intuitive walkthroughs for platforms like Zoom where the user is guided from one step to another seamlessly.

Improve Zoom and Other Applications with a Digital Adoption Platform

improve-Zoom-Call-With-DAP(Digital adoption platform)

The biggest employee training challenge while training an employee from a remote location is to understand how they are using the application they are been trained on, where are the actual issues and types of issues they are facing.

The second biggest challenge is if the video conferencing applications like Zoom meetings are being used properly.

So, organizations are unable to know the effectiveness of training imparted and they are also unable to know how well Zoom meetings are being utilized as Zoom has recently removed attendee's attention tracking.

This poses the biggest threat for any organization which is investing in its employees. First, you cannot find out how effective the training was, second, you cannot determine whatever they are doing in an application is correct. All of this could impact the organization’s ROI.

To overcome this organization has to depend on analytics tools for their web-application that generates necessary insights to draw a conclusion. Such tools will enable you to understand how the user is using any application and where they are facing issues.

The product that can achieve this is the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

Digital Adoption Platforms work with any web-based application and provide on-screen guidance and advanced analytics. With the help of a DAP you can:

  • Quickly train users on how to use an application by showing them where to click and what to do with guided walkthroughs.
  • Analyze user behavior to understand how users interact with a program and identify where they need additional training and support.
  • Decrease your support and training costs.

TIP: Digital Adoption Platforms are designed for web-based applications and will only work with the web-version of Zoom not the mobile or desktop app. However given recent reports about Zoom’s security, the web version may be the safest choice for all your users.

What’s Next?

Zoom meetings have enabled the dawn of a new era where employees will work from home or from any remote location and this culture will prevail for the foreseeing future.

Training employees via live-training sessions is beneficial. Even then organizations must give serious thought on complementing it with some support solutions to avoid over-dependency on a single form of the application when the same job can be executed easily using other solutions.


Originally posted on May 28, 2020

Krishnan Kaushik
Written by Krishnan Kaushik

Krishnan is a Marketer and Content Crafter. He has an in-depth understanding of Digital Adoption, Transformation, and Enterprise applications that helps business to generate business outcomes. In his former life, he was an IIoT & Automation engineer. You can find him trying new recipes, riding a bike, and wondering about the most complex object on the face of the earth i.e Human Brain.

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