5 Reasons to Include DAP in Your Learning And Development Strategy

5 Reasons to Include DAP in Your Learning And Development Strategy

The foundations of running a business constantly evolve as a company grows and as the market trends change. Incorporating new training procedures for all employees allows us to change the curriculum and keep employees notified of new changes as they happen.  

In this ever-changing world of technology, companies have to watch out for new innovations and trends. Addressing the evolving learning needs of the workforce and being able to communicate the change to them effectively becomes crucial.

The Learning and Development (L&D) strategy forms the foundation of success for the business objectives laid out by the company. It ensures that the employee training stays one step ahead of the curve, thus enabling seamless business transition and growth.  

Objectives of Learning & Development Strategy 

The Learning and Development strategy focuses on stabilizing the talent pipeline as a way to ensure that your L&D initiatives and investments are aligned with your business objectives. It ensures employees are on the right track for learning. 

The Learning and Development plan assists the workforce in getting used to the company culture, typical workday tasks, and expectations. L&D initiatives are a simple way to train employees as they begin their work with your business and encourages effective communication between employees.  

Focus areas for Learning & Development Strategy 

Understand the landscape of Learning and Development and then improve the depth and scope of your employees’ abilities. The following are some key areas you must focus on while designing your Learning and Development Strategy: 

  • Always look at the long-term business strategy and plan because that will allow the L&D team to identify the future skills required for employees. Rather than constantly trying to upskill the employees for skills needed today, look at what is needed in the future and get a head start. 
  • Integrate yourself as a partner by collaborating with cross-functional leaders. This is achieved by conducting task analysis and identifying areas of improvement as you are designing learning programs. This will allow the L&D team to provide more value than "just training". 

Companies looking to bring about operational changes in their business often look at acquiring new tools to bring about that change.

However, it is nearly impossible for businesses to attain total transformation just through the acquisition of tools. To get the desired impact, it is important to use the tool to its fullest potential. To achieve this, businesses need to leverage a Digital Adoption Platform. 

Here are some reasons to include a DAP in your Learning and Development Strategy: 

  1. Personalize employee learning  
  2. Improve employee engagement 
  3. Track your L&D progress  
  4. Keep your employees happy 
  5. Maximize employee productivity 

1. Personalize employee learning 

According to the U.S. Wasted Workday report, employees spend more than 22 minutes of their day trying to deal with application-related challenges, which is a substantial amount.

With a Digital Adoption Platform like Apty in place, you can drastically reduce that time. By improving the usability of employee-facing technology, the DAP boosts efficiency and quality of work.

Successfully implementing employee training programs on a large scale may be challenging. A Digital Adoption Platform enables businesses to personalize employee learning in the right way. It enables executives to detect training gaps and provide mixed-mode training through tooltips, announcements, and walkthroughs. 

2. Improve Employee Engagement  

Employee engagement is key to the success of any training. Before planning any Learning and Development strategy, identify at least the most common challenges of your employees. Alongside, there must be a clear understanding of where your company intends to reach, and the firepower required to get there.  


Research says an employee takes 15 minutes to return to a productive state after he/she encountered an interruption. Apty helps to keep your employees engaged and provides an uninterrupted learning experience.  

Apty is an all-in-one platform for Digital Adoption. Apty’s 4As help boost engagement and software adoption rate.  

  • Assist your employees with their training and onboarding challenges.  
  • Align your software usage with your business processes and objectives.  
  • Adapt your L&D strategy based on powerful data analytics 
  • Accelerate your digital adoption with minimal IT resources 

3. Track your L&D progress  

In order for your Learning and Development plans to be effective, you need to ensure that every member of your workforce is properly equipped and given the support and attention they need. 


Apty makes it easier for you to keep track of employee performance and the effectiveness of your strategies. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to take a more proactive approach and strengthen your L&D efforts.  

Adopting new technology without empowering employees with the right tools to adapt to them causes frustration, resulting in higher employee turnover rates. A DAP offers a simple remote training workflow that can eliminate this issue, reduce turnover, increase productivity and increase new hire retention.

When implemented and used right, a Digital Adoption Platform like Apty can support your employees’ growth and help them prepare for the future. 

4. Keep your employees happy  

Employee happiness must be taken into consideration while planning any L&D initiatives. Employee satisfaction isn't always linked to monetary rewards.


Most employees believe that being able to learn new things and improve their leadership and technical skills will provide them with more benefits. A Digital Adoption Platform paves way for providing a seamless learning experience to your employees. 

With happy employees, companies can have 41% fewer quality defects and can see an 18% increase in employee productivity. Apty is the best DAP tool to keep your employees happy and engaged as it follows the DAP cycle.

Apty’s on-screen guidance provides training within the application and ensures successful software adoption. Addressing employee's challenges at the right time with the right solution can make them happy and focused at work. 

5. Maximize employee productivity  

Identify how Learning and Development training influences the entire employee experience with the right data. To avoid making decisions based on assumptions and opinions, data is critical to L&D.


Apty analytics provides deep insights into employee pain points so you can create customized walkthrough solutions.  

Providing training with interactive software walkthroughs can increase engagement and therefore productivity. Apty is a cost-effective solution that can increase employee performance and productivity by 40% and also minimizes the burden on IT support.

This allows Enterprises to save millions of dollars that typically go into training and providing technical assistance.  

Summing it up! 

Several Enterprises applications in the market today are powerful and robust, but they can be a nightmare to use. A Digital Adoption Platform helps Enterprises to efficiently use and adopt these applications. Apty’s in-software walkthrough allows first-time users and other users alike to streamline the learning process for apps, software, and websites.

Make Employee Learning & Development effective with Apty

Originally posted on July 22, 2021

Revanth Periyasamy
Written by Revanth Periyasamy

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