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New Gartner Report Highlights Benefits of Apty as a Digital Adoption Solution

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A new Gartner report identifies Apty (formerly letzNav) as one of the solutions organizations should consider using to increase their sales productivity. 

In the report, Gartner analysts included Apty as part of a new category called digital adoption solutions. As CRMs like Salesforce become more sophisticated it’s become more difficult for sales teams to navigate the myriad of digital tools they need to do their job.

According to the report organizations that implement digital adoption solutions like Apty can: 

  • Save Time and Money With Better Adoption and Productivity
  • Use Analytics to Increase Usage and Improve User Experience
  • Incorporate Continuous Development for Tenured Sellers

You can download a full copy of the report here

What is a Digital Adoption Solution?

Digital Adoption or digital engagement is the focus of our Apty Assist product. These solutions focus on helping users navigate and adopt web-based applications. While individual features may vary, common elements include:

  • On-screen guidance,
  • Integrated support or help content, and
  • Step-by-step guidance.

Many people assume digital adoption solutions are just another training tool or learning management system. But adoption tools offer real-time support by showing users how to complete their tasks as they’re doing it.

An LMS or other training solution typically explains how to use software in an abstract case. A training document or video may show a generic use case with screenshots of each step.

A product adoption tool shows users where to click and what to do next. Tools like Apty help users complete their work instead of just reading how they should do their work.

How can a Digital Adoption Solution increase productivity? 

Digital Adoption Solutions can increase your productivity in a couple of ways. 

First, the right adoption platform can eliminate the need for costly and ineffective classroom training. Classroom training is a productivity killer for sales teams. You have to pull them away from their jobs which means they’re not making sales calls.

Also, they most likely won’t retain the information from the training session. According to recent studies, students forget 70 percent of what they learn in a training session within 24 hours. German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus dubbed this poor retention phenomenon the Forgetting Curve.

Apty Assist replaces the need for classroom training by providing on-screen step-by-step guidance while users are completing their work. 

Second, Digital Adoption Solutions also increase productivity by making software easier to use. The powerful combination of guided workflows and automation can greatly reduce how long it takes for users to complete their work. Many Apty clients report that what used to take more than an hour can be done in 5 minutes. 

What’s the future of Digital Adoption Solutions? 

As letzNav and now Apty, we’ve been a part of the digital adoption solutions category since 2017. We think the category has tremendous potential to help businesses get more out of their teams, but in many ways, the solutions are too focused on user guidance.

The main driving force behind our relaunch as Apty was an increased focus on optimizing software utilization. Yes, making your team more productive is a huge part of that. We’re still invested in providing all the tools and benefits of a Digital Adoption Solution as highlighted by Gartner.

But we think we can do more than that. We’re building Apty so that you can see a better return on your investment in enterprise software. Here’s a small glimpse of our roadmap to give you an idea of the other ways we’re working to increase your team’s productivity:

Advanced Insights

We’re taking everything we’ve learned helping thousands of users navigate the most common enterprise applications and building a powerful AI engine that can analyze your user data and provides actionable insights so you can improve efficiency at an unprecedented scale.

With any Digital Adoption Solution like Apty, you can add assistance to almost every screen, step or process in your software, but do you really need to? We’re drilling down to help you better understand where users actually need assistance and to focus your efforts on building the content they need. 


Want to increase productivity? Try not bogging down your team with mundane tasks. We’re developing tools to help you add automation to any enterprise software. 

We’re excited to be a part of this growing category. Our goal has always been to make software easier to use so you can improve your productivity.

We’re proud that Gartner recognizes the impact Digital Adoption Solutions can have on productivity and can’t wait to see what impact the new features we’re building will have on both productivity and your software ROI. 

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