6 Game-Changing Employee Productivity Tools


Running any business is an effort. But with the good productivity tools, it can come to be a much simpler undertaking!

Well, it feels like each little duty requires detailed thought and process—and if you don't get it perfectly, there is a risk of losing clients, sales, or even the downfall of your business entirely.

Dear Readers, the good news is you don't have to do everything by yourself because you are not alone in this new world.

Modern Digital technology has unraveled many real-world problems — and made life easy for many small business holders. In today's post, we are going to know about some game-changing productivity tools for business. So, let's dive into it!

6 Best Productivity Tools

Businesses are all about making the right decisions at the right time. It is about analyzing, thinking, discussing, planning, experiencing, checking, and expressing at the right moment. In short, it means to cash the time faultlessly! If you are working with punctuality and a step-by-step approach, then you are near to success.

And if you can't handle all the things alone, and want to get secure from making mistakes then following game-changing tools for productivity can help you.

These tools are specifically designed in such a way that enables us to make understanding the countless tasks, team fusses, and continual distractions we experience daily for small business owners who manipulate running a business, family life, staying healthy, and having joy, discovering the right balance that can be very tricky.

That's why to keep you focused on the right things we have mentioned a proper breakdown of the top six productivity tools.

So, read on to learn about tools, and their benefits, so that, you can effortlessly use them at your fingertips.

Top 6 Game-Changing Employee Productivity Tools:-

  • DupliChecker — Plagiarism Checker
  • APTY
  • Slack
  • Air Table
  • Online OCR — Image to text Converters
  • To-Do-List

1. DupliChecker — Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism detectors have become an important tool for small businesses, especially for content writing businesses. A small content writing business should know the value of the cost-free plagiarism tool that can identify duplicate contents on the go.

Plagiarism Checker by DupliChecker is a fast, reliable, convenient, smart, and amazing place that helps to figure out accurate results for free. This plagiarism detector uses AI and multifunctional technology that is making your work quick and easy.

Once you add text in the input box of this plagiarism tool, it will research it, match from all across the web, and display accurate results in minutes.


In the digital age, irrespective of how big or small a company, using software to get the job done faster and more easily is the norm. The more the number of software you invest in, the higher your responsibility to make sure that they are all adopted and used effectively.

This is where a solid Digital Adoption Platform like Apty comes into play. Apty helps your employees understand the nuances of any web-based application and ensures that they use it proficiently.

It enables better software adoption with the help of on-screen guidance and software walkthroughs that handhold your employees step-by-step, helping them overcome all challenges that they might face while interacting with the software. 

This helps organizations improve employee productivity, performance, increases return on investment and also reduces the load on your support team. The working of this medium is just like a catalyst that enhances the productivity of a business and plays a vital role in the long-term success of the company.

3. Slack

Now, this is one of the considerably valuable tools for small businesses. Slack has made team contacts and messaging much easier. You must learn that slack is a communication tool that helps to stay in touch with coworkers in a professional environment through messaging. 

In a short time, this tool has been loved by people because it has eliminated the very formal method of an email from the small business setting. It has revolutionized the form of teamwork between colleagues.

There are different features that this tool includes cross communications, real-time chats, and notifications from time to time! This tool is known to be the most useful team application tool.

4. Air Table

It is another best and most popular tool because of being an alternative for the formal spreadsheets by Microsoft. You can handily organize your work and database with the assistance of this tool.

It will provide you with the full flexibility to enter and rewrite your data. Air table is designed in a good way and has become a heart-stealing place.

The air table allows you to customize colorful charts, and give you other choices to build a greater image and visualization of your data.

Furthermore, it gives you a new feature for putting in a map to store your geographical talks and related data. There is also an option of the calendar and the gallery feature that is making your work fast and easy.

5. Online OCR Image to text Converters

The image to text converter by Online OCR is one of the best tools for the small business community, particularly the one who is struggling with the translation of content and other valuable content management systems.

You have to know that the main intention of using an image to text converter is to extract text from an image with more accuracy and reliability. By using this free tool will bring ease and quickness to your business life.

6. To-Do-List

Last, but not least!  The To-do list tool is an excellent tool that can organize your daily routine especially when you're in a small business you need inexpensive and credible services, and you can use the To-Do-List platform to ensure that your daily routine is well intact.

There is also an option of adding your daily and your monthly targets to your to-do-list. The tool will give you reminders and will help you to become punctual.

Well, you can easily add images, bullets, and other important data to the tool for your support and assistance.

The Final Thoughts

The tools that we have mentioned above are the most common and basic tools that are the best if you want to boost the productivity of your office and lessen the expenses. So, don't waste your time and efforts start relying on tools now!

This is a guest blog from Farooq Khan.

Originally posted on December 7, 2020

Farooq Khan
Written by Farooq Khan

Farooq is a guest blogger who has also been a lead news writer for a few years. His passion is helping people in all aspects of online marketing. In addition to writing for many companies, he also provides technical SEO services.

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