Top 10 Must-See Sessions of the 2019 Dublin Tech Summit

We can’t wait for the Dublin Tech Summit! We’re excited to be an exhibitor this year at Europe’s...

We can’t wait for the Dublin Tech Summit! We’re excited to be an exhibitor this year at Europe’s fastest growing tech conference.

At letzNav, we’re focused on helping companies and users get the most out of technology by accelerating product adoption and making applications easier to use. If you’re interested in helping your users better leverage technology, you’ll love the speakers for this year's summit. Here’s our top 10 of the must-see sessions of the 2019 Dublin Tech Summit. 

People First: Building Ideas that Thrive in a Connected World

Time: Wednesday 10:15 AM - 10:40 AM

Speaker: Ciarán Quilty – VP, Global Business Group – Facebook

Scale of Fail: Navigating Your Way Through Change

Time: Wednesday 10:55 AM - 11:20 AM

Panelists–  Ronan O’Dulaing – VP of Engineering – Globoforce, Catherine Sweeney – Manager Production Engineering –  Facebook, Emil Atanassov – VP Internationalization – ServiceNow

The Role of Robotic Process Automation in The Workplace

Time: Wednesday 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

Speaker Guy Kirkwood – Chief Evangelist – UI Path

The Intersection of AI and Human Decision-making

Time: Wednesday 2:15 PM - 2:35 PM

Panelists: Harry Glaser – CEO – Periscope Data, Julien Simon – Global Technical Evangelist – Amazon Web Services, Emily Orton – Co-founder, CMO – Darktrace, Bridget Perry – CMO, Europe – Adobe, Adam Smith – Contributing Editor – PCMag UK

Scaling Your Company Through a Customer-centric Strategy

Time: Wednesday 2:45 PM - 3:10 PM

Panelists: Jen Taylor – Head of Product – Cloudflare, Bas Rogaar – Managing Director – Startup Bootcamp, Adolfo Fernandez – Global Program Manager, International Growth Strategy – Google, Claire Carroll – Portfolio Director – The Dock, Cathy White – Founder & Director – CEW Communications

Is Data the Next Gold or Oil?

Time: Wednesday 4:05 PM - 4:30 PM

Speaker: Tom Cochran – Former Director of New Media Technologies – The White House

Creating a workplace that empowers everybody

Time: Thursday 10:00 AM - 10:25 AM

Speaker: Elena Gomez – Chief Financial Officer – Zendesk

Do People Matter in the Digital Era: The Power of Digital Humanism to Balance Value and Ethics

Time: Thursday 1:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Speaker: Joseph Bradley – Global Vice President, Customer Experience, Incubation Services & Technology – Cisco

Transforming Computing and the Way People Work: Technology Should Enable Innovation, Not Hinder It

Time: Thursday 2:15 PM - 2:35 PM

Speaker: PJ Hough – Chief Product Officer – Citrix

Using Technology to Enable Education at Any Time, Anywhere

Time: Thursday 3:55 PM - 4:15 PM

Panelist: Llibert Argerich – VP of Marketing – Udemy, Darya Yegorina – Founder – CleverBooks AR For Education, Niall Kitson – Editor –

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