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Digital Adoption - Your Key to Unbeatable Growth in 2022

Digital Adoption: Your key to Unbeatable Growth

Digital adoption has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The success stories of companies that have integrated digital adoption into their core strategy are now being talked about everywhere. And this shift to digital adoption is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

But what exactly is digital adoption? 

What is Digital Adoption? 

Digital adoption refers to the state where someone can use tools (programs, websites, apps, or software) to their total capacity. It includes various digital processes—creating content for an intranet page or managing project files through a team collaboration tool.   

When companies invest in digital technology and employees don't leverage all their features to make work easier; broader digital transformation initiatives can suffer as a result. 

The Harvard Business Review reports that despite spending $1.3 trillion on digital transformation efforts, approximately $900 billion was wasted. That's a huge chunk of digital transformation initiatives failing due to a lack of employee adoption! 

It is wise to acknowledge that digital adoption is inevitable in the near future. But leaving the legacy system behind isn't that easy. The digital adoption platforms can make the entire transition easier. They equip users with all the information they need to complete their tasks no matter what application they use, where they work out, or even their digital maturity level! 

The digital wave has impacted businesses massively, and the transformation will continue to progress. Yet, turning the switch to digital adoption isn't an easy feat, even for the most successful companies. However, digital adoption platforms can make the entire transition easier. 

Just like any new employee, digital adoption must be inculcated into your company culture. It's a series of steps—if done correctly, it will ease your employees' transition onto any new applications that you introduce in your company and assure that your company is giving the best return on investment for the application. 

Core Features of a Digital Adoption Platform 

  • Guided workflows: Customized workflows, targeting specific roles or segments allows you to tackle specific issues a group of users faces while using the applications. 
  • Analytics: Data that tells you how your employees are using new systems, where they're encountering problems, and how you can improve. 
  • Engagement: Tools that keep users focused, motivated and productive. 

What are the Benefits of a Digital Adoption Platform? 

1. Improves user satisfaction 

There are many benefits to using digital adoption platforms to onboard users, but the one that stands out the most is reduced onboarding time. 

Digital adoption platforms help businesses, onboard users, by offering them a personalized and interactive tour of their software. These guided tours help new users become familiar with their product in a short period, reducing the time it takes for them to get started.  

2. Automates repetitive tasks 

Automating routine tasks is one of the most popular ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. It can reduce human error, save time and money, and keep employees focused on more productive work. 

Implementing automation will help your company grow faster and help you stay ahead of competitors. Digital adoption platforms allow you to automate manual processes across all of your software applications so that they become more effective and efficient.  

3. Reduces training costs 

Digital adoption platforms make it easier for teams to self-learn and find the information they need. These platforms also enable teams to easily manage their workload by automating repetitive tasks and organizing files into categories. 

Hence, it can significantly reduce the cost of training. This is because it aids collaboration, and provides instant guidance on any software, meaning you don't need to spend money on expensive training or learning exercises. 

4. Increases ROI 

With the suitable DAP in place, you can realize your software's total value — increasing the tech stack ROI significantly. You achieve this because your employees will be able to use the software successfully from day one, so you won't have to suffer from a long ramp-up period as workers get used to a new system. 

5. Decreases onboarding time 

Reaching the full potential of a new employee in your company is simple. Or is it? 

You see, they will only reach their fullest potential when they're effectively onboarded. But the problem is that most companies don't have time to send new employees through lengthy processes. This is where this Digital Adoption Platform comes in. 

A constant pain point for companies in the onboarding process. It can take weeks and often isn't as effective as possible. Companies can address this with HR software that collects all the relevant information about both the employee and the company's needs in one place, making for faster and more efficient onboarding.


We recommend that companies adopt a future-ready approach with their digital offerings, all aligned to a common goal of growth so that new solutions can be scaled up and shared across the organization.  

With a refreshing perspective on digital adoption and a commitment from each leader to grow the value of those new solutions, organizations will have the potential to change and better serve their clients.


This is a guest blog by Urmi.

Originally posted on March 28, 2022

Written by Urmi

Urmi specializes in writing long-form actionable insights for the SaaS domain. She has been creating content that translates the brand stories and their expertise for 3+ years. Her content empowers businesses to build and engage with communities and develop better visibility. When not scribbling, she explores the new tools and technologies in the industry.

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