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8 Common Onboarding Mistakes That Reduce the Number of New Hires

8 Common Onboarding Mistakes That Reduce the Number of New Hires

Many employers believe that onboarding ends with the candidate entering the doors of the office and signing the contract.

However, onboarding is much more than that. It is a process where you engage and prepare employees for their roles. 

A successful onboarding program allows you to unify your organization's goals and allows new talent to be proficient. This means that they can adapt to their new work environment and become efficient fast.

Lack of a robust onboarding process can cost organizations dearly. According to data, 15% of new hires quit within the first six months due to lack of onboarding as one of their main reasons for leaving.

This makes it evident that the onboarding phase is something that employers should be taking seriously.

In this post, we will discuss the eight common onboarding mistakes that reduce the number of hires: 

1. Lack of pre-boarding process 

Pre-boarding starts by supplying the necessary paperwork ahead of time. That way, your new employee has ample time to read and digest documents rather than feeling rushed or overworked on their first day.

This also includes the process where the hiring manager and HR files work orders. That way, the IT and other facilities create a fully-equipped workspace. This includes installing the necessary app and software, creating a company ID, and providing login access.

Doing so allows employees to get started with work on their first day. 

A successful pre-boarding process ensures that the employees view your company as a competitive place to work.  

2. Unclear goals and expectations 

The onboarding process is one of the best times for the employer to be upfront with the employee. This is your time to make clear expectations for a particular role and what they can add to the company.

New employees take approximately six months to get the hang of their work in a new company. For the employer's part, they should use this time to check the employees' progress. This includes reinforcing key concepts and providing feedback on which processes need improvement.  

3. Not clarifying duties of new hires 

As mentioned earlier, it can be incredibly challenging for new employees to succeed at their work if they don't know what's expected of them.

Companies can help them formulate and fulfill their goals by clarifying their duties. It is also best to discuss what criteria you will use for work evaluation. It should also be explained how their responsibilities relate to other team members.

Furthermore, existing employees might resent new hires, fearing that they might take over their roles in the company. However, by delineating what the duties of each member is expected to perform, you can avoid that tension. It also helps your employees understand what they need to succeed.  

4. Lack of proper performance feedback and support 

No employee wants to feel that they're working in a vacuum. They don't bond with their colleagues, and they get very little satisfaction from their work.

Supervisors and managers should take the coaching approach and give regular feedback.

But keep in mind that feedback is more than just calling out a new employee's mistake. You should also know when to recognize success, both individually and the team.  

5. Providing inadequate tools and resources

How often does a new hire show up on their first day, only to find out that their workstation hasn't been set up yet? Or that specific hardware or tools have been missing?

New employees shouldn't hunt the office for supplies themselves. Also, HR and the management work hard to look for a new worker. Why damage the company's reputation by making it look inept?

Having a documented process with checklists helps you avoid such scenarios from happening. This includes providing pre-requisite training material to new employees as soon as they accept the job offer. That way, they would know what to do once they report on their first day at work.

Sure, an employee should know their job function. However, it would also help to educate them on the role of the different company departments. That said, consider providing a comprehensive employee handbook to your new hires.  

6. Messy and cluttered workstation on day one 

First impressions make lasting impressions. Chances are, new hires are pretty sensitive to what's happening around them as they try to adjust to an entirely new environment.  

Hence, at Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning, we recommend ensuring that a new employee's workstation is clean and clutter-free. Otherwise, they'll think that a company doesn't have its act together in general.  

7. Not making new hires feel welcome 

Starting a new job can be downright nerve-wracking, even for seasoned professionals.

So, each time you hire new employees, simple things like celebrating their arrival can improve how they perceive your company. This makes them a lot more comfortable and happier overall.

It also helps to introduce new hires to each of their co-workers. Similarly, employers can also take them to lunch with the rest of the team on their first day or hold an office luncheon. 

It is also essential to send the company or departmental emails that announce your new hires. This includes their function in the company and how they were recruited. 

8. An onboarding program doesn't exist 

Not having an onboarding process is one of the biggest mistakes that a company can make.

If companies expect new hires to walk in through the doors of the office and "wing it," they'll immediately fly out the front doors and never return.

That's why having a structured and organized onboarding program is so important.

Employees that are onboarded effectively are more productive than those who are expected to figure their way around. Even the most skilled, experienced, and educated new hires will need guidance when starting off at an organization.

Over to You 

When developing your onboarding strategy, it would help that you know the common mistakes employers make. That way, you would know what pitfalls to avoid.

Mind you, onboarding mistakes plague even the biggest and most successful organizations.

On the other hand, having a robust onboarding process allows you to attract and retain the best employees for your company.

Digital Adoption Platform like Apty helps businesses improve and enhance their onboarding process with its interactive on-screen guidance, tooltips, and in-app announcements. Apty helps your employees learn in real-time, thereby, reducing onboarding time and boosting their productivity.


This is a guest blog from Raymond Chiu, Director of Operations, Maid Sailors

Originally posted on March 8, 2022

Raymond Chiu
Written by Raymond Chiu

Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for Maid Sailors, a trusted NYC office cleaning service provider. Maid Sailors offers its customers unrivaled office cleaning services that can address even the toughest cleaning needs. Matched with affordable prices, Maid Sailors is your best partner in helping you turn your office into a work-friendly workplace.

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