Client Management Goals – 6 Effective Tips


Client management system is used by companies globally to manage & build relationships with clients. While Client management plays a vital role in revenue generation, it is also important to remember that Client management goals & objectives determine how long your clients will continue their journey with you.

Considering the impact that the pandemic has had on businesses, this might be the best time for you to strategize your Client management goals and put a structured system in place. Client management when done right – increases your client base, improves client experience, improves existing client relationship, and improves brand loyalty.

According to PWC, more than 73% of people say client experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions. This result shows the importance of Client Experience (CX). To provide better CX & to build an effective client relationship, you must have a clear set of business goals in the first place.

The Following are the Most Effective Ways of Building an Effective Client Relationship.

  1. Tailor-made goal setting
  2. Develop a client-first approach
  3. Focus on the satisfaction rate
  4. Do frequent Check-ins 
  5. Measure Support team efficiency 
  6. Enhance a transparent process

1. Tailor-made goal setting

The goal of client management is to build a long-term relationship between the client and the company and foster effective business communication.. Your goal-setting process starts right from the client onboarding phase. The Onboarding phase is the right time where you must lay a solid foundation for your relationship.

Onboarding the ideal time to create perfect goals & guidelines – like who will be the client’s point of contact, what is your client communication frequency, and so on. This way of defining a clear communication chain helps you to build brand loyalty and prevents communication errors.


Your client must feel they are being treated with special care. You can create this feeling by personalizing the client's goal setting. Every client is unique and each one needs to be taken care of like they are the only client you have. They are no rules, your ultimate aim is to serve your clients as best as possible. 

To enrich cross-selling, upselling, and improve client retention you must have well-structured client management goals in the first place. Put yourself in your client's shoes before setting your business objectives. You can involve your clients in the goal-setting process to understand their needs & wants. Actively engage with your clients and build a collaborative goal-setting.

2. Develop a client-first approach

Collaborative goal-setting helps you to achieve better outcomes. The most significant component is how much you value your clients. Your employees must be in a position to understand the value of your clients and company objectives. Your employees will be the client's first point of contact. They must actively address the pain points of clients and resolve them at the earliest.


What if your employees fail to consider the clients' requests?  What if they don’t provide the necessary support? This paves way for client frustration & disappointment and if it is being repeated, you could end up losing your client. To avoid this, you must clearly define your client management goals to your employees and make them follow it.

Let us look at some stats:

  • Zendesk found due to poor client service more than 66% of clients terminated their relationship with a company.
  • Another research says 96% of unhappy clients never complain, but 91% of those will simply leave & never come back.

By now, you must have understood the importance of making your clients happy. The best way of doing it is to address & resolve their issues at the earliest.

Whatever may be the issues (small or big), your employees must take it up and address it asap. This way of solving their issues repeatedly will improve your client satisfaction level. 

3. Focus on the satisfaction rate

Price and product quality are not the only differentiators anymore. Client experience is too.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great CX. Happy clients will eventually become loyal and they also spread good word of mouth, which is invaluable. Providing ultimate client satisfaction must be the primary focus of client management goals.


Right from onboarding to complete product adoption, clients must feel very comfortable. There are some tools that you can leverage to enhance client engagement & improve CX. If you are aiming at superior satisfaction, then leverage the Digital Adoption Platform. 

Digital Adoption solution is the key to CRM adoption.  A Digital Adoption Platform like Apty acts as a guidance layer on the top of any web-based application and provides a smooth onboarding experience. Investing in tools like these will reap faster benefits and ensures the ultimate client satisfaction rate.

4. Do frequent Check-ins 

You must try to establish an emotional connection with your clients. The easy way of doing it is to do frequent check-ins. Take the initiative and make a call to your clients and ask if everything going well. That’s your secret recipe for success.


The point being here is that your client should not be waiting for several days for a reply mail or a response. Enrich positive communication and build an emotional connect to make them feel that you care about their needs & wants.

Get closer than ever to your clients. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves - Steve Jobs

This quote by Steve Jobs clearly says the importance of building relationships with your clients.

5. Measure Support team efficiency 

Encourage your employees to be proactive and focussed. The Client Support team is the first point of contact for your clients. You must monitor the support team closely – Are they meeting their deadlines and deliverables? Are they performing well? Are your clients satisfied with their support?


Clearly define your client management goals to your support team and make sure they build good relationships & take care of your clients with the utmost care. Keep a track of support team efficiency and never forget to get your client’s feedback.

6. Encourage Proactiveness & Transparency

Knowing what clients are thinking & feeling is highly valuable. Being transparent is a great way to engage your client base and build loyalty. Streamlining & personalizing your client management program paves way for faster client engagement and revenue down the line.

You must never wait for your client to come and say “Hey, we got a problem”. You should put in yourself in the client's shoes & identify the problems they are facing & address them as fast as you can. This builds trust and makes a good impression. 

Follow these 6 tips to effectively build client relationship and loyalty. To provide better CRM adoption and to remote management Digital Adoption Platform like Apty is the best choice.

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Originally posted on October 20, 2020

Revanth Periyasamy
Written by Revanth Periyasamy

Revanth is a B2B Marketer who has a definite flair for outreach and networking, alongside being a prolific writer. As an author, he enjoys exploring all things related to about digital adoption and transformation. When the 'B2B Marketing ninja' mask is off, Revanth is an ardent tech geek, a lover of road trips and sports enthusiast who plays badminton, cricket or any sport, really!

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