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7 Best Tools That Will Optimize Team Productivity

7 Best Tools That Will Optimize Team Productivity

Over the last few years, the number of people working from home has increased by 159%*.  

During these years, companies had to find a solution to monitor and improve team productivity and optimize their mutual communication.

In this article, we will review seven different team productivity tools. We will list their main features to help you decide the best tool for your team:

What are team productivity tools? 

A team productivity tool helps improve communication and collaboration between teams and facilitates the overall team processes.  

Team productivity tools can: 

  • Increase team productivity - These tools can simplify processes and optimize time management. 
  • Manage team workload - One of the main features are task management tools that distribute tasks efficiently  
  • Improve team collaboration - Teams can communicate effortlessly no matter the time zone. 

7 Best Tools That Will Optimize Team Productivity

  • Apty
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Chanty
  • Troop Messenger 
  • Hive
  • Time Doctor 

1. Apty  

Apty is an all-in-one digital adoption platform that helps businesses optimize software utilization, boost employee productivity, lower training costs, and increase software investment return.  

It uses on-screen video guidance to assist employees in understanding how different software works. Using the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence, automation, and machine learning help shorten the learning curve and optimize employee productivity and performance. Additionally, it cuts down the workload of support time and provides better insights into transformational initiatives. 

Main features:  

  • Software Adoption 
  • Continuous Learning 
  • Self-Support 
  • Business Process Compliance 
  • Employee Onboarding &Training 
  • Software Walkthroughs 
  • Data Validation 


  • Custom: Plan 

2. Asana 

Asana is a work management tool that helps businesses organize their everyday tasks and improves team collaboration. This tool boosts work efficiency and streamlines projects across the company.  

Asana’s dashboard is completely customizable and allows you to create projects, lists, meetings, assign tasks to people, and more. 

It is merged with other apps like Google Drive and Outlook, so it is easy to post and share documents across the platform.  

Asana allows assigning tasks to specific people, including due dates and color-coding, depending on project progress, to provide better organization.  

Main features:  

  • Create/Join a Team 
  • Task Assignee & Collaborators 
  • Creating a Project Brief 
  • Assigning project roles 
  • Project progress and status updates 


  • Basic: $0 
  • Premium: $10.99  
  • Business: $24.99 

3. Trello 

Although often seen as Asana’s alternative, Trello is another management tool known for its simplicity and efficiency to organize teams and simplify collaboration. 

What sets Trello apart is its simple design and the amount of information that can be added to one task. 

Users can insert images, documents, due dates, and sticky notes that allow members to track the project progress and stay up to date.  

Moreover, Trello allows third-party applications like Slack, Jira, Google Drive, and others to smoothen the process of information sharing.  

Main Features: 

  • Brainstorming 
  • Calendar Management 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Collaboration Tools 
  • Commenting/Notes 
  • Content Management 


  • Free  
  • Basic: $5 per user/month 
  • Premium: $10 per user/month 
  • Enterprise: $17.50 per user/month 

4. Chanty 

A chanty is a collaboration tool that allows you to stay in touch with your team via real-time messages, voice messages, audio, and video calls. Chanty’s messaging history is unlimited. 

Its main feature is a Team book, a central hub for all the messages, tasks, files, and links related to certain projects.  

Main features: 

  • Provides dedicated Team books to keep communication organized and track of all of your tasks. 
  • Audio and video calls. 
  • Task manager with Kanban board. 
  • Voice messages help with immediate responses even on the go. 
  • Seamless integrations with several third-party apps. 


  • Free 
  • Business: $3 per user/month 

5. Troop Messenger 

This budget-friendly tool can be used by small to large companies of any industry because the functionalities provided in this tool can sort out all of the complexities and make communication within the team, across numerous teams, and between units in different places much easier flawless. 

Troop Messenger is a powerful team collaboration tool, that grants power to its users by making communication seamless and assisting them in multitasking on the same UI, without scattering their attention to other tools' UIs, based on other requirements, since Troop Messenger offers a plethora of features tailored to your office needs. 

Troop Messenger is designed to enhance communication and boost team efficiency.  

Main Features: 

  • HD Audio/ Video Calling 
  • End-to-End encrypted 
  • Remote Access & Screen Share 
  • Live Location Tracking 
  • Advanced Search Filters 
  • Cattle Call (Video conferences, Webinars) 


  • Premium Plan - $2.5 Per User/Month 
  • Enterprise Plan - $5 Per User/Month 
  • Superior Plan - $9 Per User/Month 

6. Hive 

Hive is a leading project management tool that helps thousands of teams work faster. Hive brings all of your workplace tools to one single dashboard, so you can manage projects, chat with coworkers, send emails, and even start Zoom calls without ever leaving the window. Hive is more than just your classic project management software – it's the future of work productivity. 

Use Hive online in a web browser, via desktop apps for Mac and Windows, or on iOS and Android mobile apps. Hive offers a free 14-day trial with team pricing plans starting at $12/user per month. 

Main Features: 

  • Unlimited tasks and projects 
  • Personal to-do list 
  • Team-wide resourcing 
  • Auto-schedule meetings 
  • Task prioritization 
  • Automate repeated processes 
  • Notes 


  • Hive Solo - Free/Forever 
  • Hive Teams - $12 Per User/Month(when billed annually) OR $16 Per User/Month (when billed monthly) 
  • Hive Enterprise - Inquiry needed 

7. Time Doctor 

Time Doctor is a powerful employee productivity management software used by companies like Apple, Ericsson, PwC as well as by small businesses to improve employee productivity and time management.  

The software offers tons of accurate reports that give actionable insights into your team’s productivity, and it can also take screenshots of your employees’ screens at random intervals to ensure that they’re on productive sites (optional and can be disabled at any time). Time Doctor has features that make it nearly impossible to fake data.  

All an employee has to do is start the timer before they start a task and it will quietly run in the background – calculating the time spent and sites accessed during this time. 

Time Doctor also integrates with tons of different tools such as GitHub, Asana, Zapier, and a lot more! 

Main Features: 

  • Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring 
  • Online Timesheets and Payroll 
  • Screenshot and Activity Levels 
  • Offline Time Tracking 
  • Project Management and Budgeting 
  • Website and App Monitoring 
  • Private and Secure 


  • Free Trial 
  • Basic (1 User) $7 per month 
  • Standard (1 User) $10 per month 
  • Premium (1 User) $20 per month 


This is a guest blog by Andrej Fedek.

Originally posted on March 24, 2022

Andrej Fedek
Written by Andrej Fedek

Andrej Fedek is the creator and the one-person owner of the InterCoolStudio. As an experienced marketer, he is driven by turning leads into customers. His goals always include White Hat SEO. Except for being a boss, he is a real team player with a great sense of equality.

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