Top Appcues Alternatives for Product Onboarding and Growth


As a product manager or SaaS company founder, you know the value of onboarding your users and creating a better user experience. So, you’re probably researching onboarding or product tours software like Appcues. But have you considered any Appcues alternatives or competitors?

In this article, we are taking a look at the top Appcues alternatives and what features to look for in Appcues competitors so you can pick the best Appcues alternative for your product.

What is Appcues?

Appcues is a Digital Adoption Platform designed to help SaaS companies with user onboarding and adoption. Appcues includes features such as product tours, in-app announcements, and user feedback and surveys.

Appcues is one of 49 similar solutions listed in the digital adoption category on G2.

How do people use Appcues alternatives?

Appcues and its competitors are used for SaaS onboarding. One of the primary functions of any platform like Appcues is to provide on-screen guidance to new users. These on-screen product tours or walkthroughs can help new users navigate through a new application and learn how to use it.


An Appcues alternative has the potential to help you accelerate your user onboarding process and increase user engagement.

For more uses and benefits of Appcues competitors, check out our detailed guide on why SaaS products need an onboarding software.

To determine the best Appcues alternatives, you’ll want to examine user reviews and ratings. As the leading software review site, G2 can offer valuable insights on which alternatives could work best for your product.

Top Appcues Alternatives in Competitors

  1. Apty
  2. Intercom
  3. Appcues
  4. Whatfix
  5. Pendo
  6. Userguiding
  7. Spekit
  8. Userpilot
  9. EdCast My Guide
  10. HelpHero
  11. UserIQ
  12. Userlane
  13. Chameleon
  14. Gainsight PX
  15. Toonimo
  16. WalkMe
  17. Inline Manual
  18. Newired

How to Evaluate Appcues Alternatives

Appcues is a part of a broad category of Digital Adoption Solutions or Digital Adoption Platforms. DAPs tend to focus on helping companies with onboarding users to enterprise applications like CRM or ERP systems or helping SaaS companies with user onboarding.


Some platforms offer solutions for both markets.


Appcues Competitors Focused on Enterprise Software Adoption for Employees

Appcues Alternatives for SaaS User Onboarding

Appcues Competitors Offering both Enterprises and SaaS Products

The solutions focused only on enterprise software adoption aren’t a good fit if you’re researching Appcues to solve SaaS user onboarding issues. You’ll want to consider a platform from the last two columns of the table.

Checklist for Researching Appcues Alternatives

After you’ve narrowed your search down to the best solutions for SaaS onboarding, you’ll want to continue your research by:

  • Checking out the latest reviews on G2.
  • Seeing what other companies are using the solution.
  • Asking for a free trial.
  • Investigating how easily you can create and publish on-screen product tours and walkthroughs.
  • Comparing implementation timelines.

What to look for in an Appcues alternative

Customer Satisfaction is vital but that isn’t all you should be looking for. You need to make sure you consider these elements when you are evaluating Appcues alternatives:

  • Ease of use:- Is it easy to create content and update your on-screen guidance?
  • Quality of support:- Are you getting the support needed? Or do you often seek the help of other professional services?
  • Implementation time:- how quickly can you get the system up and running?

Start a free trial to see how easy it is to create product tours with Apty’s code-free editor.

Must-Have Features in an Appcues Alternative

Key features in Appcues alternatives or any Digital Adoption Platform include:

  • Audience Segmentation:- Customizing your product tours and walkthroughs by role or user groups. For example, you might want to publish different content to free trial users to try to convert them into paying subscribers.
  • Multi-language support:- delivering on-screen guidance in multiple languages. If your product serves multiple markets with different languages, make sure you test out how easy it is to create multi-language content and translations.
  • Mobile support:- How does the on-screen support work in mobile applications or mobile websites?
  • Advanced Analytics:- The platform needs to give you analytics on how users interact with both your product and your guidance content.

What is the Best Appcues Alternative?

When you evaluate the features and user ratings, Apty comes out on top as the best SaaS onboarding software.


Apty outranks the competition by:

  • Being rated as highest for satisfaction on G2,
  • Offering the easiest and fasted editor for creating and publishing walkthroughs, and
  • Having a proven track record of reducing support tickets and costs.

What Apty's Users Say

We’ve compiled just a few of Apty’s G2 reviews below. Check out Apty’s profile on G2 to see why Apty is the highest rated digital adoption platform for satisfaction.

Apty helps us empower our Customers


Our customers have been able to successfully navigate through and use our product without raising support tickets or making frantic calls to us for help.

G2 Review

      Great way to adopt a new tool!      


Apty’s the best way to show end-users how to navigate a new software. It also gives great analytics on how users are interacting with the software.

G2 Review

Apty helps us empower our Customers


Our customers have been able to successfully navigate through and use our product without raising support tickets or making frantic calls to us for help.

G2 Review

Great way to adopt a
new tool!


Apty’s the best way to show end-users how to navigate a new software. It also gives great analytics on how users are interacting with the software.

G2 Review

What are the benefits of using Apty as an Appcues Alternative?

In addition to cost savings, Apty also helps SaaS companies provide a better user experience. Apty is available 24/7 so users can start their onboarding on their own schedule.


With Apty, customers can start using new software on the first day without any additional training. By accelerating the onboarding process, Apty helps your users recognize the value of your application sooner and decreases the chance they’ll cancel or stop using the product.

There are several benefits to using Apty as an Appcues alternative. Most notably:

Easier User Onboarding

Apty allows your customer success team to work smarter, not harder. User onboarding can be time consuming and expensive if you’re using traditional methods. You have to conduct individual training and onboarding sessions with new users or invest heavily in video and support content development.


Apty significantly reduces costs by using on-screen guidance and guided product tours to quickly get users up and running. To learn more about reducing the time and money you spend on creating onboarding and support content, check out this blog post on using the COPE method for developing content with Apty.

The blog post shows how Apty helps learning and development teams create content quickly to train new employees on enterprise software, but the same principles apply to creating content for new SaaS customers.

Apty eliminates the need to dump time, effort and money into lengthy and ineffective training sessions.

Faster User Adoption

User adoption is the key to the success of your SaaS product. If people don’t become active users, they won’t renew their subscription. Increasing user adoption reduces churn. By accelerating your user onboarding, Apty helps your users get value from your application sooner.


Apty’s on-screen guidance lowers the learning curve so even novice users can use your application from the first time they log in. Apty is available 24/7 so users can begin their onboarding as soon as they sign up without having to wait for your CS team to be online.

In-App Marketing

Apty also drives user engagement and upsell opportunities with in-app messaging. You can leverage the announcements feature to introduce new features, encourage users to take a product tour.


Announcements also can introduce users to special promotions which can be useful for converting free trial users into paying subscribers.

Read More:- How In-app Announcements Can Drive Product Adoption

Schedule a demo to see how Apty improves SaaS onboarding and user adoption.

In this way, Apty’s useful for the entire product life cycle.

Apty - product life cycle

As an Appcues alternative, Apty can help you quickly onboard new users and then drive them to engage more with the product until they become a super user. At that point, super users are more likely to recommend your product to others, so those referrals become new users. Increasing user adoption with Apty is a way to fuel growth for your product.

Understand Your Options for SaaS Onboarding Tools

When it comes to choosing an Appcues alternative, be sure to do your due diligence and fully understand your options. Investing in software that is a good fit for your users is critical to long term success for your product.

learn more about how Apty compares to Appcues

Frequently Asked Questions About Appcues Alternatives

We get a lot of questions about different features to look for. On top of this, we also receive a lot of questions about the best Appcues alternatives for different organizations. Here are some answers to common questions.

1. Which Appcues alternative should be used for new or early-stage Startups?

Apty works with businesses and organizations of all sizes. Apty’s ease-of-use makes it a great choice for newer SaaS products.

2. Which is the easiest-to-use Appcues alternative?

Apty’s ease-of-use is mentioned frequently in our user reviews on G2. Our code-free editor makes creating interactive walkthroughs simple and pain-free. For anyone looking to buy a Digital Adoption Platform, you’ll need to spend time investigating how you create and edit content. If it's too difficult to update or create new content, then you won’t get the most value out of your DAP. When the process of creating content is challenging, most companies stick with the content that was created during their onboarding process. This leads to never creating any new on-screen guidance. If they decide to create more content, they often end up paying for additional professional services to have it done for them. Creating content with Apty is simple. Get a free trial for the Apty studio, and test it out yourself. The trial allows you to create content for any website or web-based application giving you an idea of how easy it is to add on-screen guidance with Apty.

3. For fast implementation, which Appcues alternative works best?

With Apty you can be up and running in a couple of days.

Originally posted on August 14, 2020

Nathan Altadonna
Written by Nathan Altadonna

A former journalist and product manager, Nathan is a proud tech geek who blogs about digital transformation, employee productivity, and enterprise software. In addition to his work with Apty, Nathan runs his own consulting company, Innate Digital, helping companies develop content and get the most out of their marketing tech stack.

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